Coronation Street spoilers: Divorcee-to-be Adam hatches a new romantic plan

A notion emerges (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) quickly abandons his romantic life in favour of assisting someone else with everything romantic.

After requesting a divorce from Sarah (Tina O’Brien), Adam is now unmarried. He came to this conclusion after Sarah had an affair with Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) and had spent weeks duping Adam into thinking he was the biological father of her child when in reality Damon was.

After Sarah lost the baby and Adam said he could no longer trust her, the plot came to an end. While he was requesting a divorce, he assured Sarah that he would not abandon her son Harry.

Next, Joel (Calum Lill), a newbie, invites Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) out for a drink and tells her he has to talk to her about US law.

Joel knows that Dee-Dee doesn’t really regard it as a date, which makes Dee-Dee uncomfortable even if she’s thrilled.

Adam devises a scheme (Image: ITV)

Joel runs with Dee-Dee again the following week. This time, he claims that US law was just a pretext to ask her out and that they go out to dinner.

Dee-Dee is thrilled, but when she tells Joel that she’s occupied for the following three evenings, she disappoints Joel once again.

Adam ultimately decides to devise a scheme to get Dee-Dee and Joel together after learning that the latter declined a date in order to spend more time supporting the former.

Can it, though?

And because this is a soap opera, will Joel’s news for Dee-Dee turn out to be good or bad?

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