‘Who does this?’ Coronation Street fans call out Alya’s bizarre act while cooking

Fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street were left perplexed after viewing Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) on a recent episode.

The well-liked figure was discussing Yasmeen’s (Shelley King) homecoming from Pakistan with Stu (Bill Fellows) in the kitchen of her residence.

Alya tried some of the food that Stu planned to make for Yasmeen.and that’s when things started to become pretty strange.

Before she tried it, Alya opted to put some tomato sauce onto a wooden spoon and then transfer it into a tablespoon.

Many Corrie fans caught up on the perplexing action and were curious as to Alya’s reasoning.

The comment “If she’d tasted it straight from the wooden spoon people would have moaned about that, too,” made by one Twitter user, elicited the comment “It’s a clean teaspoon,” from another. Why not dip it in the condiment? I’m not advocating that she eat with the wooden spoon.

Don’t give up the day job, Alya (Pictures: ITV)

It was definitely a puzzling move! (Picture: ITV)

Strange behavior, someone else exclaimed.

Given that this scenario has everyone talking, it might potentially go viral just like the time Nigella Lawson mispronounced the word “microwave” as “mee-kro-waveé.”

Stephen’s downfall is upon us (Picture: ITV)

There is no doubt that Alya shouldn’t quit her day job!

In other news, Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen Reid, would be eliminated off Coronation Street the following week.

Stephen will intend to flee to Thailand after killing three people, but will the police or someone else catch up with him first?

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