Coronation Street spoilers: Paul discovers MND confidante is a criminal – and helps her

What Shelley is doing is revealed (Image: ITV)

Soon on Coronation Street, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will have a shock when he hears that his pal Shelley is resorting to crime to pay for the help she needs for her MND.

A few weeks ago, Paul and Shelley met at a support group. Paul was first apprehensive to talk to Shelley since he knew it wouldn’t be long before he had to start planning that degree of care after seeing her wheelchair and personal assistant Cags.

Paul will have a lot on his mind in forthcoming episodes when he visits Shelley for a conversation but ends up going off on her about the wheelchair, stairlift, and how Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) keeps getting in the way.

Shelley believes that Billy’s assistance should be appreciated by Paul, and when Billy gets home, Paul offers to his partner that they go out for the day.

When Paul offers they go skinny dipping while at the lake, Billy finds it difficult to say no.

Paul is attempting to maximize the time he has left. (Image from ITV)

When Paul and Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) visit Shelley later in the week, they find her surrounded by packages and boxes at her apartment, each of which contains a laptop.

Shelley admits that she has been purchasing computers using her former employer’s credit card and reselling them to get money for her caregivers.

In an effort to assist, Paul gives Summer (Harriet Bibby) one of Shelley’s stolen computers for her birthday while pretending that it was being sold for a low price.

But will Paul come to regret making this decision in the future?

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