Emmerdale spoilers: Major character returns for a funeral after death tragedy

Charles is back for Victor’s funeral (Picture: ITV)

Recently, Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) departed Emmerdale with a dreadful secret concerning the passing of his father Victor (Eddie Osei).

Victor’s brain aneurysm, for which he had been given a diagnosis, took his life, and his body was discovered in the cathedral. He was at the church, nevertheless, because Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) had threatened to contact the police when Manpreet’s lost necklace was discovered in his pocket.

Victor was just released from jail and was aware that he would be sent back if he was found guilty of any misconduct. He also understood that he lacked the means to establish his entire innocence in this particular case.

Since Victor was released from jail, his connection with Charles had been tense. Over the following weeks, viewers learned the reasons why, which were related to some terrible events that happened to Victor as a youngster. Victor’s illicit activities frequently left Charles and his mother Claudette (Flo Wilson) living in constant terror of what type of trouble he would bring to them next. On the worst occasion, some of Victor’s colleagues kept Claudette hostage, and Charles was forever troubled by what may have happened to her while he desperately searched the neighborhood pubs for his father.

As a result, Charles was unwilling to forgive or forget and vowed to get rid of Victor when he began regaining Claudette’s devotion.

Although it pains him to know that Claudette now thinks she was a fool to trust her husband again, he hasn’t been able to tell her this aspect of Victor’s death. He hid the necklace in his father’s pocket.

Charles lashes out at Tom (Picture: ITV)

When Claudette learned that her son had left for a retreat without even beginning to organize his father’s burial, she became outraged. As a result, in following episodes Manpreet and Ethan (Emile John) choose to assist the mourning Claudette with this, and Manpreet and Claudette have some intimacy despite Manpreet being aware of what Charles did.

Charles answers the phone when Manpreet urges him to go back to the village, and he does so, determined to tell his mother the truth this time. Charles, however, can’t stand to offend Claudette by disclosing that he planted the jewelry when she starts gushing about him.

He enters the Woolpack to drink his sorrows after being haunted, where he meets Tom King (James Chase). Charles pins Tom to the bar during a dispute between the two men, demonstrating once more that he has a violent side.

Only Charles’s family’s presence causes him to lose his temper, at which point he releases Tom and hurries away. Knowing what is causing him suffering, Manpreet pushes him to tell Claudette the truth and take responsibility for the results.

Will she convince him to speak with his mother?

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