Coronation Street spoilers: Sex scandal as Daisy cheats on Daniel in passionate betrayal

Daisy and Ryan find each other again (Picture: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), who has been repressing her love for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) for a while, suddenly gives in, and passion results.

The passionate meeting takes place during a week in which Ryan is experiencing intense emotions since he has to overcome his anxiety in order to speak to the children at the STC. Ryan and the kids will benefit much from the talk concerning the acid incident that permanently damaged Ryan, according to Daniel (Rob Mallard). Ryan is therefore convinced to deliver the presentation despite his reservations by Daniel, who also enlists Daisy’s support.

Daisy tries to convince Ryan to stop sharing and selling explicit films of himself online following his speech at the STC since he now has more confidence in his body image. Daisy is aware that Ryan has been sharing and selling explicit recordings of himself online.

Daisy doesn’t know that Ryan has been misusing steroids as well and still does. When Max (Paddy Bever) and Gav (Noah Olaoye) shower him with fizzy drink when he’s out on a stroll with Daisy, he starts to see red due to the drugs’ effects. Gav is violently pinned to the ground by Ryan, and only Daisy’s presence prevents things from getting worse.

Following this, Ryan finally discloses to Daisy that he has been abusing steroids and vows to change his ways. As part of it, he chooses to turn off the filter during his live feed, showing his viewers his disfigured face. He declares that he is shutting the account and moving forward in life as his true self.

Daisy, who is deeply affected by Ryan’s bravery after watching the video, calls at his apartment. Ryan quickly responds when I kiss him on his wounded cheek and then my lips, and they begin passionately kissing.

Oh dear! (Picture: ITV)

One thing leads to another, and unsuitable things occur for a woman who is engaged to be married! According to Charlotte Jordan.

She has attempted to maintain a barrier between them despite the fact that she is aware of right and wrong. However, when she is alone with Ryan, all of her moral principles appear to vanish, and she blindly follows her heart, always regretting it. But she seems powerless to stop herself.

Daisy and Ryan are connected by a “trauma bond,” according to Charlotte, because they both experienced the horrifying acid assault together.

Things are going to get very complicated (Picture: ITV)

When she’s alone with him, she says, “it’s all about how no one else can understand what they’ve been through and what binds them together.”

Daisy may not be able to keep her transgression a secret from Daniel as easily as she thought, however, as Lauren (Cait Fitton) quickly figures out what occurred and intends to take advantage of the information.

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