Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins responds to theory that Charity Dingle is pregnant

Charity and Mack are in enough of a mess (Picture: ITV)

Charity Dingle from Emmerdale currently has enough to deal with. She is keeping the fact that they had sex hidden since she still harbors love for her ex, Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

This occurred while he was dating Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), the mother of his child and the person he first cheated on.

Mack is unaware that his fiancée is aware of his liaison with Charity as he prepares to start a new life with Chloe and Reuben.

When Chloe is ready to get her revenge, which might result in a tragic vehicle accident, Charity will be sucked into the maelstrom.

In the midst of all of this, a resident of the hamlet is about to be shattered by the news of her pregnancy.

According to producer Laura Shaw, “We all love a soap baby!” We are aware that Dawn and Billy are expecting a child, who, like with other infants born in soap operas, is expected around Christmas.

However, a new baby is entering our family. But this one won’t exactly be the good news for Billy and Dawn, and it will come as a great shock to one of our Emmerdale couples.

It will utterly upend their life and cause a significant break in what was previously a very strong marriage. You’ll have to make a guess as to who that may be.

Fans have been wondering if Charity and Mack have some big news coming (Picture: ITV)

Before this announcement was revealed, many fans had already begun to speculate that Charity will learn she is expecting Mack’s child, as if things weren’t already complicated enough.

Emma Atkins recently spoke with us and seemed to dispel this myth.

“That would be news to me,” you said, “and I haven’t heard anything.” ‘I can’t even remember how many kids I have in the show right now,’ she said, adding. “Is it three?” I ask. Is that four? Is it five yet? That’s awful! However, I don’t believe so.

Therefore, it’s time to start again on that front. Others are speculating as to whether long-suffering Lydia (Karen Blick) will learn the news that will change her life after being raped by Craig.

Charity’s life is in danger, and she might not even make it through this week.

The cast filmed dangerous stunts for the special episodes (Picture: ITV)

According to Emma, who cautioned that this may be the end of the line, “Nobody’s invincible, the character has a shelf life, and you always have to expect that your contract may not be renewed.”

You must acknowledge that there is life outside of Emmerdale and exhibit the greatest amount of bravery possible in that regard. I dislike making assumptions because it encourages complacency.

I simply thought, “That’s great, another year under my belt, and how wonderful to be playing a character who’s ever evolving, constantly learning, and constantly making mistakes.”

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