Emmerdale spoilers: Tragedy for Belle as another character dies

Belle looks worried in HOP in Emmerdale
Belle gets some news (Picture: ITV)

Eden Taylor-Draper’s character Belle has never had an easy life. She most recently went through a very difficult few months in her relationship and found out the terrible news that Lachlan was being transferred. However, a new catastrophe is about to strike the vulnerable Emmerdale resident.

Belle’s life briefly improved when she consented to move in with her lover, putting aside her reservations.

Even if Tom seems strange, the pair was content for a short period. Everyone was beaming and giggling until the newlyweds received more terrible news.

When Belle found out about Lydia’s (Karen Blick) rape, it nearly destroyed Lydia’s marriage and devastated her heart.

However, while Belle tries to help her sister-in-law, she finds out that Tom has been hiding a horrifying truth.

When Belle finds out that Tom has kept his mother’s death a secret, she is devastated.

Belle confronts Tom (Picture: ITV)

After everything she went through with Tom and her mental health, Belle is startled to learn that he has been keeping this enormous and painful secret from her.

The fact that she finds out about his passing via someone else is much more devastating. He puts on a front, but she challenges him. Why is Tom withholding this terrible news?

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