Coronation Street star Ryan Early says vengeful Darren wants to kill Aadi in ‘thriller’ style episodes

When Courtney and Aadi are discovered (Image: ITV)

In forthcoming episodes of Coronation Street, Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) will be in danger when Courtney’s husband Darren (Ryan Early) finds out about their romance.

Dev (Jimmi Harkishin), with whom Darren has been spending a lot of time recently, has provided Courtney and Aadi with several opportunity to share a bed.

What was once just a little bit of fun has now developed into something more. Aadi will soon describe his new girlfriend to Darren and Dev as lovely, clever, and hilarious while they are having lunch, and they will be totally oblivious that the 18-year-old is talking about Courtney.

Darren is already nervous before today since he confided in Dev about his marital issues and his suspicion that Courtney is having an extramarital affair.

Let’s just say that Darren is shocked to learn the truth after lunch at the Bistro since Aadi is the last person he thinks is having an affair with his wife:

It unfolds like a thriller in the restaurant when everything is revealed. Ryan Early, who portrays Darren, said that when she confesses and gives him the impression that it’s someone close to him, everything begins to fall apart.

He begins to lose his mind with paranoia, believing that everyone in his immediate vicinity is a suspect. Naturally, Dev is the first person he suspects. It seems like a complete betrayal since he got him into this arrangement, is trying to get him a lot of money, and they have became close friends. He feels as if he could murder him. But it’s embarrassing when he realises it’s this kid, Aadi.

All of a sudden, Darren, who is in his forties, is dating an 18-year-old. Whatever he can provide her that Darren couldn’t, really? He finds it quite embarrassing, but all of a sudden he realises, “Hey, this isn’t real, this is just a game,” since he doesn’t have any money and can’t give her anything, and he also knows Courtney’s preferences.

Dev witnesses Courtney and Aadi sharing a kiss (Image: ITV)

“She enjoys a beautiful home and travel,” he said. “They recently returned from a Caribbean cruise, so it would be unrealistic to abruptly start dating this eighteen-year-old little shrimp; this is all part of the game.” And since this is Courtney, that’s the reason he doesn’t attempt to murder him. Since it’s literally the most poisonous thing she can do in a relationship that already has a lot of toxicity, it’s very humiliating and there may not be a way out of this.

However, she’s taken it too far now, and I doubt they will be able to recover from it—an 18-year-old child has clearly over the line. While adultery alone is not the end all be all, the humiliation of having an affair with this little child, for whom he has been paying, is a true knife to the heart. After all, they both stem from infidelity. That is complete humiliation; it is both devastating and shameful.

There are now emotions between Courtney and Aadi (Picture: ITV)

Ryan clarifies that if Darren wanted retribution, he would most likely choose a different approach rather than retaliating violently, even if his character is very shocked to learn that Aadi is the person Courtney has been sleeping with:

“I believe there’s always a possibility Aadi may be having issues.” Although I don’t believe Darren is violent, there are other methods to get retribution. He said that he could make sure Aadi never made a dime from his company in the north of England by making things very difficult for him.

And Darren may be a major issue if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and seeks success in the world. He crossed someone who was at the height of his profession very early in his career, which was a grave error. He could, from a commercial perspective, make things very difficult for Aadi, but Darren also understands that, at the age of eighteen, he was most likely doing the same thing.

“Darren is not a psychopath, but he is a very wounded person right now.” After getting a second chance, he feels as like he has lost the love of his life, and he is unsure of how to get it back. Therefore, right now it’s simply very, really uncomfortable, and pain may drive someone crazy.

Ryan thought about how this might affect Darren and Courtney’s relationship and said:

“He will not approach her and beg for her pardon or return; instead, he will endeavour to equalise her in terms of humiliation.” In addition to making her pay emotionally, he will also keep her aware of what she is missing and serve as a constant reminder that her life would be much less pleasant without him, the attention, and the credit card.

“He is going to significantly worsen the situation before it has a chance to improve.”

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