Coronation Street star Sam Robertson reveals how Adam will react if baby isn’t his

Sarah currently doesn’t know if Adam or Damon is the father of her baby (Pictures: ITV)

After coping with Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) affair in Coronation Street, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) believed he had enough on his plate. However, then Sarah disclosed that she was pregnant.

Following her affair, Sarah (Ciaran Griffiths) is currently unsure of whether Adam or Damon is the father of her child, which undoubtedly hasn’t helped her and Adam’s efforts to mend their marriage.

Recently, Adam resorted to frightening Damon away from the cobblestones in an effort to make things simpler. Even while that was successful, he still has to deal with the future DNA test results, which might mean Damon follows him wherever, as Sam Robertson explained:

Adam is struggling to get his family back on track; all he can concentrate on is removing Damon from the picture and proving that the child is his; after those two things are established, they can consider the future. The trust has been damaged, though, and it can take a while to mend.

Sam pondered how Adam would react if the child wasn’t his and stated, “I think he would find it too hard and that could be the end but if he sees Sarah living on the street walking around with a baby that’s going to be tough.”

He’s been a nice stepfather to Harry, but in that situation, which would require Adam to live with Sarah and raise Damon’s child, I don’t see Adam being able to accept that.

Sarah experiences bleeding and is taken to hospital (Picture: ITV)

The next time Adam’s emotions are put to the test is when Sarah is taken to the hospital after bleeding.

Sam said, “It’s a real conflict of emotions because part of him thinks maybe this won’t be a bad thing, if the baby’s lost there’s no dilemma, but I think when they’re in the hospital the realization sets in that this is not a game, it’s real life, and the overwhelming emotion is one of wanting the baby to survive.”

I believe that his personal complaints are overshadowed by the compassion of the issue. Because of the fright, he is subsequently sent into yet another emotional spiral from which he is unable to recover. At first, it was all chatter, but now the baby seems more tangible.

He is only clutching at everything he can in order to learn the information he desires, but he is living in his own little fantasy world. It was something he genuinely desired, but the fact that it happened under these conditions makes the whole affair seem tainted today.

He wants to feel aroused, but she has placed him in a situation that makes that difficult.

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