EastEnders confirms Theo Hawthorne’s sinister secret

The teacher has disturbing intentions for the Slaters…

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

Theo Hawthorne is keeping a dark secret, according to EastEnders.

Theo has been spending more time alone with Lily Slater and purchasing her gifts, despite the fact that he was initially introduced on the Square as Freddie Slater’s former instructor.

The first chink in his armor appeared in the episode that aired on Wednesday, July 5, when Martin Fowler learned that Theo had given Lily a pricey pair of sneakers.

50 new sneak images for EastEnders show that Theo and Lily are a growing concern.

Martin was admonished by Stacey to put the matter behind him, but he resisted. In order to learn more about Theo’s abrupt departure, he went to his old school as part of his ongoing investigation.

After speaking to someone who claimed Theo “did a runner” after being threatened with being investigated for having an inappropriate contact with a pupil, Martin confronted Theo in front of the entire Slater family.

Theo jumped in, “That’s not true,” with a terrified squeak.

Given that Theo had been purchasing gifts for Lily and providing her with free tutoring in order to spend time with her alone, Martin suggested that Theo’s recent behavior was dubious.

Theo asserted that these rumors started after a previous partner “lashed out” with “baseless accusations” after their break-up after Jean hurried Lily away from the conversation.

Theo said, “In the end, I thought it best to leave.”

Martin argued that Theo ought to have remained and “fought his corner” to establish his innocence, but the teacher stated that at the time, his mental health was precarious and he didn’t feel prepared for a court battle.

Martin’s ex-wife, Stacey, who had taken Theo’s side, demanded that he apologize, and when he refused, she ejected him from the Slater residence. She even referred to Theo as “the best thing” that had ever happened to Lily.

Martin was right to be wary, though, since the episode’s cliffhanger revealed that Theo was the mystery “Edmund” client who had been paying Stacey for erotica online.

Stacey wouldn’t be aware of the manipulation because Theo has only been corresponding with her via text and an avatar. Is it possible to catch Theo before he causes further harm?

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