Coronation Street’s Carla Connor rages as Ryan Connor confirms romance twist

Watchers of Coronation Street will see Ryan Connor make his way back to Weatherfield after he left the cobbles at the end of the previous year.

It seems like Alison King’s character Carla Connor on Coronation Street will have a major surprise next week. Following his journey to Glasgow, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), according to official spoilers for the ITV soap opera, is returning to Weatherfield.

Despite going with his romantic interest Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen), it seems that their relationship didn’t work out since he has now returned to the cobbles alone. His single status won’t last, however, as he quickly rekindles his relationship with one of the residents.

Ryan gives Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) a passionate kiss in scenes that will premiere next week on Rovers Return. Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) finds it inappropriate to see the couple have a passionate time together.

Ryan later goes to the Underworld plant in the hopes of finding employment now that he’s returned. Carla tells him that they’re sorry, but they’re fully staffed and can’t take him on.

Ryan says that he and Daisy are now formally dating as the two catch up. Carla is appalled by the news and finds it difficult to disguise her feelings.

Carla is unimpressed with Ryan and Daisy’s relationship (Image: ITV)

Daisy and Ryan’s relationship has been very tumultuous ever since the horrifying acid assault of the previous year.

Despite their initial friendship stemming from their shared horrific experiences, it was evident that more profound emotions began to emerge.

Daisy chose to pose as Crystal even though she was engaged to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) at the time in an attempt to boost Ryan’s self-esteem.

As their discussions went on, Daisy began to fall in love with Ryan before he realized she was lying to him.

Ryan left the cobbles last year with Crystal Hyde (Image: ITV)

After he settled down, Daisy found herself having an affair with Daniel because they couldn’t keep their hands off one other.

Ryan made the decision to go to Glasgow at the same time as Daniel chose to end their relationship after learning of her affair.

Daisy decided to attempt to save her relationship with Daniel by going over there on New Year’s Eve after realizing she wanted to try.

She was surprised, however, when his former partner Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) opened the door and made it obvious she had interrupted them.

Daisy and Ryan are giving their relationship a proper go (Image: ITV)

Even if Daniel and Bethany have reunited, is there a chance that Daniel may get envious of Ryan and Daisy’s recent romance?

Regarding Daisy and Ryan’s recent status as a couple, soap opera actress Charlotte Jordan said to Digital Spy: “I don’t know whether it’s healthy, but I do believe they should try so they can see that it may not be as healthy as they think, or maybe it will!

“So, yes, I would like for them to try it out and see what occurs.”

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