‘It’s been an honour’: TV favourite quits Coronation Street after 15 years

Following his departure from Coronation Street, Alex Bain sent fans a heartfelt letter.

Alex spent an incredible fifteen years as Simon Barlow. In the June 3 aired episode, Simon said farewell to his Weatherfield existence and sailed off on his boat with his father Peter (Chris Gascoyne).

When he announced his departure, Alex remarked, “I felt very positive about it, but I am 22 now and maybe it is time to see what the future holds.”

You become a member of a family there, and I will always have those individuals in my life; it’s more than just a job. They are buddies as well as coworkers. Of course, saying goodbye to folks makes everyone leaving upset, but that grief only makes up a tiny portion of it.

For an incredible fifteen years, Alex portrayed Simon (Picture: ITV)

That doesn’t lessen the thrill and expectation, however. After Chris left, it seemed right that Simon should follow in his father’s footsteps since he had gone through a lot and was alone without him. I may now go on new experiences of my own because Simon is off on his expedition.

The ITV Coronation Street X account posted a video of Alex after Simon’s last scenes.

“Hey guys, I just want to say a quick message from me and my character Simon to all the fans of Coronation Street,” Alex remarked while standing on the cobblestones. I wanted to express how wonderful the experience has been and how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of the country’s most beloved street.

Simon said goodbye to his family in Weatherfield (Picture: ITV)

In the episode, Jack portrayed heroin dealer Jacob Hay, who worked with Simon (Photo: Jack James Ryan on Instagram).

He continued, saying, “And I just wanted to say a big old thank you to all the people I’ve worked with and to everybody who’s supported me over the years.” I will always treasure my time spent on Coronation Street; it has been an honour. Everyone, be careful.

Naturally, a lot of Alex’s co-stars paid homage to him on social media after his departure.

A photo of Jack Carroll (a.k.a. Bobby Crawford) and himself on the Bistro set with Alison King (Carla Connnor), Jane Danson (Leanne Battersby), Georgia Taylor (Toyah Battersby), Alex, and Ben Price (Nick Tilsley) was shared on Jack Carroll’s Instagram account.

Jack portrays Carla Connor’s nephew Bobby Crawford (Photo: Jack Carroll on Instagram).

“Behind the scenes from Simon’s farewell this evening,” he commented under the photo. What a sweet group. It was a joy working with Alex Bain; good luck, buddy, and farewell.

Jack James Ryan was another one of the individuals that loved Alex.

In the 2021 plotline of the ITV soap opera, he played the character of Jacob Hay, who entered the drug trade with Simon.

Jack shared a lovely photo of Alex and him grinning and embracing the camera. He sent a heartfelt letter that said, “Alex Bain took me by the hand and said, ‘I’ve got you brother.'” Four years ago, I walked on those cobbles for the first time, completely bricking it. Living on the most renowned street in the nation for 15 years is no small accomplishment, and you leave a legacy behind.

“There’s only one Simon Barlow,” he went on. I will always be very appreciative of your friendship and affection, brother.

Jack concluded the message by saying:

“Leading us into the next chapter.”

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