EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell to receive upsetting news from the police

There’s an update on Lewis.

Next week, Ben Mitchell will get a distressing visit from the police as the rape narrative from EastEnders is revisited.

Ben is getting ready to box against Martin Fowler in a neighbourhood contest when he becomes preoccupied with information about Lewis Butler, the villain.

Ben’s father Phil boasts to everyone before the game that his son will undoubtedly win. Callum Highway, Ben’s spouse, is more dubious about the boxing challenge and urges him to think again before engaging in combat.

However, when a police officer approaches Ben, Ben turns his attention away from the match and refuses to listen.

Lewis has been detained once again on suspicion of rape, the officer says. Ben is profoundly disturbed by the news and regrets that Lewis was not prosecuted for the similar offence last year, allowing him to go free.

Later, Callum is worried to see Ben getting ready for the bout in the boxing gym.

Callum reveals that he is aware of Lewis and again urges Ben to think twice before engaging in combat.

Ben, who is still adamant about participating in the contest, enters the boxing ring to square off against Martin.

Callum becomes more concerned about Ben later in the week as he seems to be repressing his emotions.

Ben’s mother Kathy Beale steps in and counsels her son to turn to Callum for the help he needs. Will Ben consider the advice?

Ben reported Lewis to the police last year, and afterwards found out that he had been taken into custody. Lewis was let go after making up a consensual sex allegation with regard to Ben during his police interrogation.

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