EastEnders fans spot mirror clue which ‘proves Nadine is figment of Jay’s imagination’

Fans of BBC soap EastEnders are convinced they’ve found proof that Nadine is just a figment of Jay’s imagination as he continues to struggle after Lola’s death (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As Jay struggles following Lola’s passing, viewers of the BBC soap opera EastEnders are certain they have discovered evidence that Nadine is really a fabrication of his imagination.

Fans of EastEnders have raised what they consider to be a significant hint that Nadine is only Jay’s creation.

Recently, Nadine ran across Jay, who naturally is still grieving the tragic passing of his wife Lola Pearce. After Lola died, he ultimately spent the night with her so that he could finally fall asleep with someone at his side.

She has stirred up a lot of controversy among fans, who believe she is somehow linked to Lola or that Emma Harding has ‘hired’ her in order to gain custody of Lola’s daughter Lexi. She is a fabrication of Jay’s mind, though, according to some fans who were even more sure after seeing a mirror-related hint in yesterday night’s show.

Does Nadine have an ulterior motive? ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

I haven’t watched these episodes yet, but I was wondering whether anyone else in the square had engaged with the figure, as one fan pondered. It may be a plot Jay has concocted for her,” another person said on Reddit. “She asked Kathy for a coffee, but Kathy was out of frame, so we don’t know if she actually saw her. Additionally, no one seemed to observe her conversing to Jay in the Albert or on the Street, even though considering that everyone there is a gossip, rumors about Jay getting a new bird so quickly would undoubtedly already be circulating.

“I believe she is real, most likely. However, there are times when I ponder whether he may have imagined her as a hallucination. Additionally, she didn’t appear to be reflected in her apartment’s mirror. She didn’t mention it in today’s episode when she saw Jay, but he hurried out without paying her for his pricey kip. Therefore, there is still opportunity for interpretation at this time, and it is undoubtedly a little odd.

Can Nadine possibly be a fabrication of Jay’s imagination? another person asked. In response, a third person said: “Until somebody else addresses Nadine (Not counting her ordering a drink at Kathy’s as Kathy did not talk to her) I don’t believe she is real. If/after they do, I think she has been hired by Emma to tempt Jay in a sick attempt to temp Jay to discredit him #EastEnders.”

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