Emmerdale star Bhasker Patel shares new role after Rishi Sharma exit

Rishi passed away in July (Image: ITV).

Following his departure from Emmerdale, actor Bhasker Patel has shared additional information about his next job.

In the ITV soap opera, Bhasker portrayed Rishi Sharma, who passed away unexpectedly after falling down some steps.

The shocking demise occurred on the wedding day of Jai (Chris Bisson) and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy). Despite recent issues with his son, Rishi had planned to attend the celebration. However, he never showed up, and Jai subsequently discovered him dead at the foot of the steps.

After 12 years on the programme, Bhasker’s poignant last moments were shown. Bhasker is already revealing additional details about his future position as he bids farewell to life in the Dales.

According to the show’s website, the actor will play the lead role in Leviathan, a new project that “envisages a future very much like our present to consider possible links between borders, mental health, and marine welfare.” The perspective of a new character and their journey is used in each episode.


Bhasker posted a photo on Instagram in which he is joined by cast and crew members.

In contrast to Rishi in Emmerdale, he is shown with a lengthy grey beard and cardigan for the role he is portraying.

After his character left the scene, Bhasker stated, “Thanks for watching Rishi over the years.”

“I consider it an honour to have participated in the show for 12 years.” I have enjoyed it much and shall really miss it, particularly my friends and my job in the lovely community of Emmerdale. I appreciate your attention. Be careful, Bhasker.

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