EastEnders spoilers for next week: Vinny and Suki ‘rumbled’ and mystery Maya returns

EastEnders viewers will see scenes of mystery and scenes of drama next week
EastEnders viewers will see scenes of mystery and scenes of drama next week (Image: BBC)

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will have both dramatic and mysterious sequences as several individuals are revealed to be suspects and their true motivations are revealed.

It seems like EastEnders has a lot of exciting things planned for next week, with mysteries abounding.

The unidentified newcomer Maya, who becomes upset with Harvey Monroe when he attempts to find her on social media, will make a reappearance on the BBC serial opera. But what is she concealing, and are fans right to suspect a sinister plot of retaliation?

Then there’s Cindy Beale, who is attempting to get back in touch with her ex-husband George Knight in a covert or not so covert manner. She’s also not put off by his relationship with Elaine Peacock and hers with Ian Beale.

In the aftermath of Nish’s dying confession, we also have the Panesars betraying one another. Could Nish’s scheme to bring his family back in before he passes away result in a family feud, given that certain individuals believe their loved ones are not acting with good intentions?

EastEnders is lining up a number of discoveries and plans it seems next week ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Maya returns

Although there is currently no proof of anything untoward, Maya seems to be pursuing Harvey for an undisclosed cause. However, rumours indicate that she will eventually get enraged with Harvey for accessing her social media accounts, which she will subsequently delete.

It’s obvious that she is concealing something from us since she visited the Square before going missing. In future sequences, Harvey wants to get in touch with her since he loved her company, but she will come back and face him.

Fans are certain they know who she is after seeing her in scenes with Harvey and her unexpected appearance. Supporters believe she is connected to a former character and a previous plot point on the BBC soap opera, and she could be planning to get vengeance on Harvey.

Harvey quickly extends his regrets for the turmoil on social media and asks her out for a drink. As they become closer during a heart-to-heart, Maya informs Harvey her spouse passed away a year ago.

Maya loses her hat as she heads out. Later on, however, in an even more mysterious mystery, Harvey tries to reach her online but finds that her account has been erased. Later in the week, when Harvey seems to have lost contact with Maya, Jean Slater tries to cheer him up by taking him out on a “boys’ night out” with a football theme. Is this the last Harvey has seen of Maya, and what is she hiding?

Cindy’s sad betrayal

When Cindy Beale discovers that her daughter Anna has been robbed the next week, she is shocked. Things then take a startling turn when Kathy Beale accuses Cindy of being a horrible mother. Cindy and George Knight beg Anna to provide a statement, but Anna declines as Cindy and Jack Branning dash to The Vic. Later on, Ian Beale attempts to apologies to Cindy for what Kathy said, but she makes it plain that she doesn’t think much of him.

After their shocking kiss, Cindy and her ex-husband George collaborate to examine the CCTV video at the Boxing Den. Later, while they discuss ways to support Anna, Cindy attempts to grow closer to George. However, when Anna shows over to see her father, she is surprised to see that George is drinking with Cindy.

Cindy, not realising this, tries to entice George once again, but he rejects her, and his son Junior witnesses it. Later, Cindy dresses to the nines in an attempt to get George back, but how will it make him feel?

Suki and Vinny exposed?

We also have the Panesars turning on each other ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Suki and Vinny Panesar from EastEnders may want to be careful since other characters are spying on them as they plot retaliation. With Nish’s shocking death, the mother and son are eager to take back their family’s business empire.

Next week, Suki’s girlfriend Eve Unwin is also left suspicious, and Ravi and ex-Priya could be on to them. As Eve becomes enraged about Vinny’s strong relationship with Nish, months after he hired Ravi to murder her, new spoilers hint that their plot may be in jeopardy.

As a result, Eve and Nish engage into a furious argument at the bar, during which Eve wonders how the family would ever forget what he did. When Suki pulls her off, will she actually tell Nish what she’s really planning?

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