EastEnders spoilers: Mystery deepens as Harvey’s unsettling new friend Maya has a big secret

Maya and Harvey sitting together in the Albert in EastEnders
We’re very intrigued! (Picture: BBC)

Recently, when Mitch (Roger Griffiths) and Rocky (Brian Conley) left EastEnders, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) revealed her concerns about lover Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman), who was feeling a bit alone.

Fortunately, Harvey met Maya, a woman, not long after Jean said that she wished for him to meet some new acquaintances. Bharti Patel, who is well known for playing midwife Ruhma on BBC One’s Doctors, plays her.

However, matters surrounding the newcomer begin to take an enigmatic turn in forthcoming episodes.

Harvey begs Tommy (Sonny Kendall) for assistance in finding Maya online after realising he has misplaced her phone number.

Bharti Patel, who is well recognised for her performance in Doctors, plays Maya. (Image: BBC)

When Maya eventually gets to Walford, she is upset with Harvey for looking through her social media accounts. He extends his apology and asks her to have a drink.

There, Maya informs Harvey about her husband’s passing last year, and as they talk more, the two become closer friends.

Harvey notices that Maya has forgotten her hat as she is about to depart. As he pulls up her social media account to send her an online message on his phone, he discovers it has been erased.


Harvey is depressed later in the week by the idea of being cut off from Maya.

In an attempt to lift his spirits, Jean offers to take him on a football-themed “boys night out,” but will it be successful?

Is this the final time we will ever see Maya?

Months after the BBC cancelled the news show Doctors, Bharti Patel was given a new post.

This December, the daytime drama’s last episode is expected to broadcast.

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