EastEnders spoilers: Jo set to have Rocky jailed as Vicki Michelle warns she is determined to hurt him and Kathy

Rocky receives the divorce papers from Jo, but are they in order? (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

Rocky Cotton and Kathy Beale (played by Brian Conley and Gillian Taylforth, respectively) will experience turmoil as Jo Cotton (Vicki Michelle) makes a surprise return to EastEnders.

A few weeks ago, right after Kathy had kicked Rocky out for lying about being married, his bothersome wife made her way to the Square.

When Kathy eventually discovered Jo’s true nature, she chose to forgive him but made a pledge that any such falsehoods will result in the end of their relationship permanently.

Jo is expected to return in subsequent scenes with Rocky’s divorce papers, but Vicki Michelle, who plays the actress, has hinted that things might not go well.

She said, “She wants to go back and stir up some resentment.”

She enjoys watching Rocky wriggle. He feels intimidated by her every time he sees her. Jo throws a wrench in the works despite his love for Kathy.

Jo is definitely gloating since Rocky believes he has divorce papers signed, but does he really? The question is raised there. So, is it legal if he marries Kathy?

To have someone arrested for bigamy may seem like a severe measure, but Vicki explains why Jo is willing to do it.

Because he crushed her heart 25 years ago, she is there to really stir things up. She was so in love with him, and I believe that even now, when she sees him, she still feels that way. She wants to harm him for all the ways that he has wounded her.

Jo is seeking retaliation for all Rocky has caused her to go through (Photo credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

“She’s quite hard now and I think that Rocky has really hardened her to men in general. She wants to stir it up and seek revenge.”

Vicki thinks that Jo could still be in love with Rocky despite everything that he had her endure, and that the thought of being denied him motivates her to exact retribution.

I firmly believe that love never ends, yet it may also mutate into hatred. Because he was her true love, I believe that even though she undoubtedly hates him, she still has feelings for him.

Jo kept a candle for Rocky during all those years he was gone because she was unsure if he was dead or alive, but that has changed now that she knows he is still alive.

Consequently, even though it has been 25 years since their last encounter, “she still feels the same way when she sees him again, and the hurt he caused her over all those years makes her really want revenge.”

Will Jo’s interference in Kathy and Rocky’s relationship be successful in destroying it, or will it fail?

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