Emmerdale star calls for Manpreet role in Tom storyline

“Maybe she’d be the one to expose his treatment of Belle?”

Rebecca Sarker, who plays Manpreet Sharma in Emmerdale, has demanded that her character be included in the current Tom King narrative.

The narrative of Tom and his wife Belle, which aired on the soap opera last October, has addressed the problem of domestic violence. Tom’s aggressive and domineering conduct has become worse very quickly after he married Belle in February.

When Tom poisoned their dog Piper earlier this week to get his wife to leave a mental health crisis assessment clinic, his coercive control over Belle took an even darker turn.


Speaking with Inside Soap, Sarker gave her reasoning for wanting Manpreet to be involved in the significant plot, stating: “James Chase, who portrays Tom, is someone I’d want more scenes with.

“Manpreet had to mediate when Charles made fun of Tom at the Woolpack a while back. It was a pleasure working with James. Tom is a character with so many layers.”

“I’m sure alarm bells would start ringing if Manpreet were to have more interaction with him,” she said. Perhaps she might reveal how he treated Belle?”


Belle actor Eden Taylor-Draper said that she and co-star Chase “were fully aware of the responsibility that would bring” when the coercive control plot was first revealed.

She then on, “But it’s an important story to tell.” “Soaps give viewers a peek into people’s private lives and expose the falsity of what people present to the outside world.”

“The unfortunate truth is that relationships are all too often characterised by conduct like this. I really hope we tell this narrative well. And those in such circumstances need to seek assistance without a doubt.”

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