EastEnders spoilers: Serious danger for Stacey as she dates creepy Theo to spite Martin

Jean arranges dates. (Images from BBC)

In forthcoming EastEnders episodes, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) ignores Martin Fowler (James Bye)’s worries.

Theo, who used to be Freddie’s (Bobby Brazier) teacher and is now assisting Lily (Lillia Turner) with homeschooling before giving birth, has drawn suspicion from the proprietor of a market booth in recent weeks.

For some time now, Martin has had the impression that something about Theo is off. He performed some research and found out why he left his former school, but Stacey has never been interested in talking to him about it.

As Jean (Gillian Wright) plays matchmaker, it looks that Theo has feelings for Stacey. As a result, her daughter sets up a date for them.

She is first hesitant about planning it, but when Martin objects, she decides to move forward with the idea.

As the date in Walford East begins, it quickly becomes apparent that things are uncomfortable and Stacey understands there isn’t really a connection.

As the week goes on, Eve (Heather Peace), under the belief that her partner had a fantastic time on the date, asks Theo to be Stacey’s plus one for Kathy’s (Gillian Taylforth) wedding.

Regarding Theo, Martin harbours certain concerns (Image: BBC).

Then, Stacey clarifies that there wasn’t really a spark between her and Theo and that Martin was the subject of her dream.

Stacey is left reflecting while Eve questions whether she and Martin still have a future together.

As the week comes to an end, Eve discovers that Stacey didn’t decline Theo’s invitation to the wedding because she was too preoccupied with thoughts of Martin.

After failing to flirt with Martin at the pub, Stacey asks him to be her plus one and dumps Theo in the process.

What will he think, though?

Will Theo’s motivations now be made clear?

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