Rosie Bentham lets her hair down as she takes a break from Emmerdale’s Gabby

The character of Gabby Thomas on Emmerdale right now, played by Rosie Bentham, is not the happiest. Her newly dumped fiancé Nicky (Lewis Cope) said that he couldn’t marry her because he is gay the morning of their wedding.

Gabby was left suffering with the realisation that her relationship with Nicky had been built entirely on a lie and that he had only begun seeing her as a part of his father Caleb’s (William Ash) vengeance plot against Kim Tate (Claire King).

With the conviction that she had finally met a guy she could trust, Gabby had been looking forward to her new life with Nicky and their baby Thomas. With Thomas, Nicky appeared to be charming, kind, affectionate, as well as clever.

In fact, she recommended that Nicky adopt Thomas the morning of the wedding to formally recognise their connection. It was this action that eventually caused Nicky’s conscience to prevail. Because he is gay, he informed her that he could not wed her.

Gabby was obviously sad since there was a lot to process. Since then, she has also had to deal with the recent announcement that Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) are expecting a child as well as the impending wedding of her step-mom Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) to Jai (Chris Bisson).

Except for poor Gabby, it looks like everyone’s life is going well. In all honesty, she probably needs a vacation.

Fortunately, the actress who portrays the unlucky in love character is faring much better and has been posting photos to Instagram of her own vacation in Ibiza with her followers.

Since 2016, Rosie has portrayed Gabby (Images from Instagram/Rosie Bentham/Getty).

Rosie captioned her photo with “Standard Ibiza sunset” after posing in front of a mesmerising scene of the sun sinking over an exquisite sea vista.

In other images, she can be seen sipping on a cocktail, laughing with a buddy, and posing with her evening meal.

Natalie Ann Jamieson, who portrays Amy Wyatt in Emmerdale, said of Rosie, “Beauty!” However, one of the cast members was having a good time.

When won’t you be in Ibiza? Daisy Campbell was curious. After filming her current plot as Amelia Spencer, she could be ready for a vacation herself. Amelia’s life is presently in ruins as a result of her father Dan (Liam Fox) taking matters into his own hands and punching the odd Lloyd (Matt Sutton), who has been stalking her.

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