Emmerdale’s Olivia Bromley reveals ‘twists and turns’ in ‘meaty’ story as Dawn ends up in hospital twice

Since her arrival, Dawn has experienced a lot (Image: ITV).

In Emmerdale, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is carrying Billy Fletcher’s (Jay Kontzle) kid.

Although the couple is thrilled about the addition to their family, notifying Lucas and Clemmie that they will have a sibling will be difficult.

Although Clemmie has been adopted by both Dawn and Billy, Lucas is Dawn’s child. After Dawn attended her mother’s funeral, she visited the household and saw the small girl dozing off on a dog bed.

Dawn and Billy are concerned about the possibility of the family changing because they have been successful in making Clemmie feel at home and accepted at Home Farm, despite some resistance from Clemmie’s father Alex (Liam Boyle).

Unfortunately, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) spoils Dawn and Billy’s meticulous preparation by disclosing Dawn’s pregnancy on Clemmie’s birthday, which causes various emotions from the small children, as Jay Kontzle revealed to us here:

Clemmie is not as thrilled about the concept as Lucas is, which is clear. Clemmie is obviously already in a bad place before learning the news because all of her thoughts are of how much she misses her mother. Everything else revolves around that day of missing her mother and thinking back on her experiences and the good times she shared with her, so learning the news is kind of like another shock for her.

Clemmie reacts to the news of Dawn’s pregnancy by ramming a chair into her tummy because she is unable to control her emotions.

The couple visits the hospital once again as a result of their concern of losing their shot at happiness:

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