EastEnders star Shona McGarty’s death threat fear after strange delivery to home

When she got the package, Shona phoned her father (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage).

Star of EastEnders Shona McGarty has spoken out about getting an odd present from a fan that caused her great distress.

She was sent an electric drill to her house, which led her to question if it was a death threat. The actress is best known for portraying Whitney Dean in the soap opera.

Even though the hardship is over, Shona has been talking about how she informed her dad about the birth, and he was able to put it to good effect.

I once received a Black and Decker drill. She told the Daily Star, “I called my dad and I said, “Dad I think this may be a death threat” and he responded, “Oh is it any good?”

I’ll take this death threat and place it at the top of your skull and take a few shots, he joked. So, yeah, it was alright, and I’m still alive and well to tell the story. Actually, it’s a fairly excellent drill; my dad used it for numerous home improvement projects.

The actress frequently speaks candidly about her life outside of EastEnders. She recently discussed her current romantic situation after parting ways with Ben co-star Max Bowden.

Since 2008, Shona has portrayed Whitney (Image: BBC).

She also disclosed that she and Max are still close friends and that their connection is “better than ever.”

It’s wonderful to be here tonight since Max’s mother, whom I adore and haven’t seen in a long time, is present.

It’s great to catch up with her, so. Actually, we’re doing better than ever. We’re in such a terrific spot as friends.

You take a chance, try something, and it doesn’t work out, but that’s life; you have to take that risk.

Whitney recently took part in a heartbreaking plotline on EastEnders when she and Zack (James Farrar) had to bid goodbye to their child, Peach, who was born with Edwards’ Syndrome.

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