Elle Mulvaney and Jack James Ryan reunited after Coronation Street couple split

Elle Mulvaney and Jack James Ryan, who both appear on Coronation Street, recently reconnected at Hillsborough Park’s Tramlines Festival months after their on-screen characters Amy Barlow and Jacob Hay broke up in heartbreaking scenes.

Despite some difficulties, Amy and Jacob were a happy pair. However, all was wrecked when Jacob’s father Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) showed them.

Jacob revolted against his father in an effort to avoid being drawn back into a drug-related lifestyle. His dad quickly sought retribution by forcing Jacob to end his relationship with Amy and leave the streets.

The only method Jacob could have thought of to achieve this without putting her in danger was to let her leave him while making it seem as if he was back using drugs.

As Jacob permanently left Coronation Street leaving Amy behind, she was devastated.

Elle and Jack have reconciled in real life, however, and many months after their last moments together, they shared photos of themselves at a Courteeners concert.

Jack captioned a photo of himself with his arm over Elle’s shoulder, “Reunited for Tramlines,” below it.

At a Courteeners concert, Elle and Jack reconnected (Image: Instagram / Jack James Ryan)

The on-screen pair was joined by Elle’s real-life boyfriend, Waterloo Road actor Liam Scholes, as well as a few other friends and family members in a compilation of photos from the day that Elle also put online.

When asked whether he would miss Elle and his other on-screen buddies Harriet Bibby and James Craven, Jack responded that he wouldn’t since they see each other so often.

In heartbreaking events in January, Amy and Jacob parted ways. (Image from ITV)

Considering that we have seen each other every week since I left, I won’t miss them all that much.

Jack has supported co-star Elle ever since he left the soap opera, especially before Amy’s challenging rape plot.

At the time, he said on Instagram, “Honestly, the pride I have for these two for tackling such a multifaceted and deeply delicate topic knows no bounds.”

They put in a lot of effort outside of the studio to offer this tale with clarity, subtlety, and compassion. “They have worked tirelessly to bring this story to your screens.”

I’m also proud of Coronation Street for giving this subject the airtime it so demands, led by two outstanding performers who are deserving of telling the story. I’ll be watching.”

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