Emmerdale is trying to get back a major character ‘as part of Caleb storyline’

For two years, Alex portrayed Jamie Tate in Emmerdale. (Image from ITV)

Alexander Lincoln, an Emmerdale actor, has said that he had many conversations with the show’s producers regarding a potential comeback.

The actor, who gained notoriety as Jamie Tate, quit the ITV serial opera following a two-year run. Jamie Tate’s character faked his own death to escape his cunning mother Kim Tate.

Just beyond the settlement, Jamie’s car sank into the sea, and when it was subsequently found by the police, there was no trace of him inside. Police believed he was dead, but viewers quickly discovered he was still very much alive.

Characters such as Gabby Thomas, the woman who gave birth to his child, ex-girlfriend Dawn Taylor, and his own mother Kim—who was saddened to learn the lengths her son had gone to in order to fool her—were subsequently informed of the truth.

following then, Jamie has been mentioned several times. According to fans, a number of stories that have aired following his departure would have benefitted from his remaining in the village, most recently Caleb Milligan’s scheme to kill Kim.

In response to the question of if Emmerdale executives want him back, actor Alexander said, “Yes absolutely. It’s a conversation that I’ve had quite a few times.”

In 2021, Jamie made his farewell appearance (ITV image).

The actress said in a conversation with The Sun, “At the moment I’m rather loving this atmosphere and writing, so we’ll see what happens in the future.

The indie film In From The Side, which just debuted on Netflix, recounts the tale of a homosexual rugby club that is placed in danger when two of its members have an affair. Since leaving Emmerdale, Alex has acted in a variety of films, including this one.

Alex plays the character of Mark, earning him a position on the longlist for Best Breakthrough Performance at the British Independent Film Awards.

Caleb and Nicky were working together (ITV image).

In Emmerdale, Kim is unaware that her new business partner Caleb is really the son of her ex-husband Frank Tate, and he is collaborating with Nicky the nanny (Lewis Cope) in an effort to permanently ruin her.

Will Kim fall for Caleb’s devious plans? Or will she succeed as she has so often in the past?

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and ITVX on weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

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