Emmerdale spoilers: Moira hit with financial ruin as Caleb takes revenge

For anybody to be caught in the crossfire, Caleb is ready. (Image from ITV)

In Emmerdale, Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb), whose finances are in jeopardy as a result of her brother-in-law Caleb Milligan’s (William Ash) schemes, is likely to get caught in the crossfire.

To get to know Cain (Jeff Hordley) and the rest of his family, Caleb is in the community.

But this is by no means his sole reason, as was only just proved. because he spends a lot of time gaining Kim Tate’s (Claire King) confidence, which he intends to destroy later.

As the hidden son of Kim’s late husband Frank, Caleb believes he is entitled to Kim’s riches and Home Farm.

Caleb is mercilessly getting ready to steal everything from his adversary while collaborating with his own son Nicky (Lewis Cope).

He needs Kim’s confidence in order to establish himself, and since Butler’s Farm is under suspicion, he will use his cunning to put Moira in danger in the process.

How will Cain respond when Caleb almost puts Moira in financial ruin? Showrunner Jane Hudson mused.

“How on earth is that going to play out when Cain discovers his brother is accountable when these brothers are working so hard to try and have some sort of relationship?” Cain wondered. Is everything going to be lost?

The shocking turn of events will occur just as Caleb and Cain have been making progress in recent months.

Will had previously said that while Caleb does have a darker side, he really wants to know his family.

This will all come crashing down as Moira’s life is torn apart all around her, forcing an unavoidable confrontation with Cain that will very certainly become violent.

This network of treachery involves so many people, thus the potential for enormous harm exists.

Since poor Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is ready to have her heart destroyed once again, Caleb isn’t the only one being cunning.

Although not all of the mysteries have yet been divulged, there is still more to learn that I won’t give to you, Jane hinted.

Someone from Nicky’s past is also going to make an appearance, and we’ll be left wondering what this means for Gabby.

“We know they’re planning a wedding; will that happen?” Does it not intend to ignite?

One thing is certain: when Caleb shoots Moira, it will be Cain who will react, and with both of them on his back, it’s possible that Caleb has taken on too much.

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