Emmerdale best friends party the night away at glam cast party

At the most recent summer party for the drama, the Emmerdale cast members put the Dales behind them for a beautiful night out.

Rosie Bentham, an actress best known for her portrayal of the feisty Gabby Thomas, shared photos from the event on Instagram. She posed with her cast mates and best friends Katie Hill, Isabel Hodgins, and Daisy Campbell, who respectively portray Sarah Sugden, Victoria Sugden, and Amelia Spencer.

The celebrity also shared a photo of herself smiling in front of a mirror while carrying a black purse and a magnificent floor-length gown.

Summer party and a sunglasses emoji were the words she used as the post’s description.

Her Emmerdale co-stars responded quickly, with Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle Dingle, adding an emoji with heart eyes.

“This is vibes of all kinds!” Kerry Wyatt, played by actress Laura Norton, sent a letter, and Rosie was described as “cute” by Daisy Campbell.

Fans flocked to the comments section as well, one of whom wrote: “Fabulous photos I love your dress.”

‘Gorgeous! Another admirer added a love heart emoji to their comment and stated, “Hope you guys had an amazing night.”

When Nicky abandoned her, Gabby was crushed (ITV).

Rosie appeared to be lot happier than the on-screen character Gabby, who is still in shock at Nicky’s (Lewis Cope’s) treachery.

Even though they had planned to get married, Gabby was horrified to find out that Nicky was truly gay and didn’t want to go through with the marriage only seconds before the ceremony.

Since then, Gabby hasn’t let up and recently yelled out that Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) is expecting, which made tiny Clemmie flee.

Nicky ultimately located Clemmie, and much to Gabby’s horror, after bringing her home safely, he was welcomed to spend the night at Home Farm.

The betrayed bride made her way over to the B&B, where she made up her mind to stay.

The following day, when she bumped across Caleb Milligan (William Ash), she declared that she would exact revenge on both Nicky and him.

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