Top secret Emmerdale script full of spoilers found in a bin by fan

It took place during the soap opera tour (Image: ITV).

An Emmerdale fan recently received more than they bargained for when they participated in an organised tour of the Yorkshire Dales location where the show is filmed and were able to get a top-secret script.

Fans can visit the well-known village and see behind-the-scenes action at the Harewood Estate setting with the Emmerdale Village Tour. The trip includes notable locations like the Woolpack and David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) shop, and tour guides are on hand to point out the locations of the characters’ homes and provide an insight into how the well-known soap opera is produced.

When a visitor noticed something intriguing in a bin on the set last month, they were able to grab more than just a glance. The nameless individual went to throw a bottle in a bin since they had been advised by visitors that the bins weren’t props and could be used normally.

According to the source, who spoke to The Sun, “It was a regular black bin on the set behind where the props for Chloe Harris’s (Jessie Elland) house are.” “I was about to put a plastic bottle in when I suddenly noticed the scripts, so I took a picture of them.”

What they discovered was a screenplay outlining potential plotlines, including some intriguing twists in the ongoing tale of Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) being adopted.

The scripts included Jai’s narrative. (Image from ITV)

The name of Jai’s biological father is something that Rishi (Bhasker Patel) is withholding, and viewers have watched Jai suffering with this information.

Since Jai and Laurel’s (Charlotte Bellamy) wedding is soon, Bhasker Patel just informed us that Rishi does finally tell Jai the truth, but the revelation is guaranteed to be dramatic. Even while soap operas prefer to tease viewers with spoilers, they always withhold information about major dramatic events like this.

The screenplay that was discovered in the trash might have jeopardised the disclosure of this information, and the Emmerdale crew is understandably worried about this security failure.

The paperwork was tagged as private. (Image from ITV)

‘We do take security extremely seriously since we know our audience doesn’t enjoy learning story lines in advance,’ a representative added. We’ll investigate the circumstances behind the disappearance of these scripts.

A floor plan of the Emmerdale buildings that featured details on the technical requirements of filming the sequences was also in the dumpster. The documents included a “Confidential” marking and a watermark.

The individual who discovered the find remarked, “The idea that such a famous production would leave scripts just lying around like that is really shocking, especially when in the wrong hands it could be used for other, more sinister reasons.”

The Sun has also agreed not to disclose any plot details gleaned from the materials provided to them.

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