Emmerdale comeback for Kerry Wyatt as police officer dumps her off in village

EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Wyatt of Emmerdale is making a comeback to the ITV soap opera after spending a significant length of time off-screen, but it will not be easy.

ITV sources indicate that Kerry Wyatt, portrayed by Laura Norton, is about to make an unexpected return to Emmerdale wearing the iconic singer Cher’s outfit.

In later scenes, a policeman posing as the Do You Believe hitmaker dumps Kerry in the hamlet, giving Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) a scare.

Before long, the officer departs, allowing Kerry to clarify that she has been wrongly accused of stealing from her fiancé.

Following a heated disagreement, Kerry gives Amy hope by telling her she didn’t do the crime and that she would return to the Yorkshire Dales to be a decent mother.

Laura said, “It feels amazing,” about her return to the ITV serial drama with Express.co.uk and other media. I believe I’m in the third week, and they’ve gradually reintegrated me.

“I haven’t had like one day a week, one day a week, two, and now three. I’m not sure whether it was intentional.

“So I feel like they’ve given me a nice opportunity to sort of settle in and I’ve had my first couple of days where I’m constantly checking my phone just to see how the kids are and if they’ve had a nap.”

She went on, “I can just be present and do a good job because they are very happy, well-rested, and fed now that I’ve returned home.” I’m now at that point.”

Even though Laura was eager to go back on set, she acknowledged that she was anxious to be back after such a lengthy absence.

“I think having such a long period of time off, because I did have a year and a half,” the actress said. “By the time I returned from my maternity leave with Jesse, I had already taken a year and a half off with him.”

“So all in total just feels like that year was so quick and I’ve had a long time off work.”

Laura said, “I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to continue. Can I speak and walk simultaneously? Am I still able to act? You know, everything like that. When I read the screenplay and saw how she was returning, I felt quite fortunate because it made things extremely simple.”

In October 2022, Laura and her boyfriend Mark Jordan welcomed their second child into the world.

When Mark joined the serial opera in 2014 to portray Daz Spencer, the two got to know each other and soon after, they began dating.

Mark proposed to her in the summer of 2018 when they were on vacation in Spain.

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