Laura Norton addresses parenting juggle as she makes Emmerdale return

Kerry makes a return to the village (Picture: ITV)

Soon, Laura Norton will return to our screens as Kerry Wyatt, the character she played in Emmerdale, returns, complete with police escort!

Kerry, who was never far from trouble, was fired from her job on a cruise ship due to allegations that she was stealing.

After learning that the guy she intended to marry was really in love with Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and that Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) had passed away, Kerry left the town in 2022 and boarded the ship.

Real life: Laura was on maternity leave when she and her boyfriend, Mark Jordan (Daz Spencer from Emmerdale), received Ronnie, a “tiny little bundle of joy and beauty,” in October 2022. Ronnie was to be Jesse’s sister. Usher Syndrome is a disorder that affects Jesse and Ronnie, and Mark and Laura are actively committed in bringing attention to it.

Laura informed us that returning to work had been made simple for her by Emmerdale.

She informed us, “I believe I’m in my third week, and they’ve eased me back in very gently.”

I’ve worked one day a week, two days a week, and now three days a week. I’m not sure whether this was intentional. Thus, I believe they’ve given me a good chance to become settled.

Laura had the same early concerns as every parent adjusting to their child’s return to work: how her kids would manage without her.

She said, “The first few days I was always checking my phone to see how the kids were doing and if they had napped.” I’m going to start off gently by saying, “Everything’s fine.” They are very content, well-fed, and resting when I get home. I can simply focus on being here and doing well right now.

The next hurdle was to get back into Kerry’s persona, but Laura didn’t see that as a problem.

The actress recollected, “Every department made it very easy for me—the script, the story, the writing, and then the costume and the wig.”

You can instantly recognize her once you put on her clothing. Additionally, I believe that taking such a lengthy break contributed to my success. Although I did take a year and a half off, I returned to Jesse after my maternity leave, having spent that year and a half with him. All in all, I feel like that year went by quite quickly, and I’ve had a lengthy break from work.

I was concerned that I would run out of time to accomplish it. “Can I walk and talk at the same time?” you ask yourself. Is acting still possible for me? But when I read the screenplay and saw how she was returning, I felt quite fortunate, and it really did make things very simple. The clothes are incredibly horrific, and the words are amazing.

When asked whether she had followed the Emmerdale plots while she was overseas, Laura said that having a mother often got in the way.

She clarified, saying, “The honest answer is bits and bobs just because the time of day that it’s on is bath, bed, and you do all that and then you just stare at the floor for about half an hour.” She also said that she had bad baby brain, so it would probably be best to stimulate my memory.

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