Emmerdale confirms first Christmas storyline as a baby is on the way

You’re mistaken about how far away it is. (Image from ITV)

The UK soap operas are moving closer to Christmas mode while the bulk of us are still preparing for the impending heatwave.

Storylines for the holiday episodes have been planned almost a year in advance, and Emmerdale has already teased information about one of them.

In all honesty, it won’t be shocking to any fan who is proficient in biology and arithmetic.

It’s no accident that Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) learns she is 16 weeks pregnant this week.

Given that a Christmas birth is a common soap opera cliche, this simply means that a baby is due in December.

Olivia expressed her excitement at receiving a Christmas story, saying, “I think it’s a really nice change of dynamic for Dawn.”

Since I haven’t given birth, it will be intriguing for me as an actress since it will be difficult for me to do all the necessary tasks.

I anticipate a compelling plot. There are several turns and turns, so playing that dynamic will be beneficial for us as performers.

Before those episodes even air, there is instability caused by Dawn’s announcement that young Clemmie would be relocated because of the upsetting beginning to her existence.

Clemmie isn’t in the mood to celebrate (ITV image)

Billy’s on-screen father, Jay Kontzle, continued the narrative with us.

Clemmie is utterly stunned. Naturally, Clemmie is not as thrilled about the concept as Lucas is.

Even before learning the news, she is already in a poor mood because she keeps thinking about how much she misses her mother and remembers all the good moments and struggles she has experienced.

She reacts to the possibility of losing another mother by saying, “Oh, you’re having a baby, well, maybe I’m going to be ushered out here and I’m gonna lose another mother.”

Will December be as joyous as it is today for Dawn and Billy? (Image from ITV)

After that, Clemmie disappears, making it plain that it will be difficult to attempt to win her round.

‘It’s hard to keep up,’ Jay added, “because one thing leads to another. Her disappearance has left Billy and Dawn distraught; it’s the self-guilt.

They believe it’s because of the way they’ve explained it, presented it, and assumed she would be okay.

The stress will be unbearable; what will happen; how will she react when you get her back; will she ever return?

So, will it be a joyful Christmas or will there still be conflict in the family? After suffering through the summer, let’s go back to it, shall we?

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