Jay Kontzle hints at big Emmerdale return for murderous villain

Billy recently got into issues with Dawn when he unintentionally struck Alex with his automobile (Images: ITV).

In Emmerdale, Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) announced their exciting news that they are expecting a child.

After a legal dispute surrounding Lucas and Clemmie’s adoption and guardianship, this is the first kid Billy and Dawn will have together.

Although Alex (Liam Boyle) is his father, Lucas is Dawn’s child. He is also Clemmie’s father, although Dawn didn’t learn this until she visited Clemmie’s mother’s funeral and spotted the youngster dozing on a dog bed.

When Dawn was a drug addict, Dawn dated Alex. Dawn has turned her life around, but Alex, who recently moved back to the community and attempted to loot the clinic while threatening to make Dawn and Billy’s adoption case a nightmare, couldn’t say the same.

Charles (Kevin Mathurin) interfered and scared Alex out of the town, but as Jay Kontzle reveals above, there’s always a risk he may return:

He remarked, “He’s always going to be on everyone’s mind, and it’s one of those things that kind of ties us together.”

Just because Dawn and Billy now have Lucas and Clemmie, and Alex isn’t now visible or audible, doesn’t mean he’s not still a factor. So course, there’s always a chance he may show up and cause some harm.

Olivia Bromley joined Jay for the conversation and said, “I think that he’s just a presence in Billy and Dawn’s lives, that they can’t get rid of him entirely because of the kids,” as Jay had said. However, they now believe Alex has vanished, and they are somewhat relieved because he left the town in extremely tense circumstances.

Billy and Dawn are expecting their first child together (ITV image).

Billy and Dawn are certain that he is not present right now. But nevertheless, it’s a threat since he may show up at any moment.

Billy and Dawn are considering several things, including whether to inform Lucas and Clemmie of their unborn child.

Billy and Dawn are conscious of Clemmie’s emotional complexity and can anticipate Lucas’ response, hence, in Jay’s opinion, the pair should proceed with caution:

When a youngster is so vulnerable, it may not be the best moment to inform them of the impending arrival of a new child. As a result, they are somewhat hesitant and tread lightly while deciding when is the appropriate moment. And it simply depends on how you convey those ideas, making sure that she is included and, certainly, that she participates in future family activities because, as her adoption makes clear, she is a part of that family.

Billy and Dawn adopted Clemmie (Image: ITV).

Since she is an adopted kid and Lucas is Dawn’s child, it is important for her to feel a part of the family moving forward. Therefore, it involves ensuring that what is stated is said correctly. Additionally, it’s important to confirm if the moment is appropriate.

These are the discussions that Dawn and Billy will undoubtedly have and attempt to concentrate on having, maybe following her birthday because that day is obviously all about her.

Jay said, “Billy has always wanted to make sure that Dawn is content going forward and stuff.”

Because of his background and how much his family meant to him, it has always been one of the things he has been cognizant of. And basically just to be around, so he’s always wanted to take care of Clemmie and Lucas and be the father they might not have had.

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