Emmerdale: Ella is a child killer, soap reveals

Liam discovered the truth tonight

Ella Forster is a child murderer, and Emmerdale has exposed this major fact about her. Tonight, at June’s funeral—who Ella had said was her mother—the truth was revealed.

Liam chose to stand with Ella at the service despite not knowing the whole story. Now that the truth is out, how will he respond?

June’s true identity was revealed (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet confesses Ella’s secret

Ella has obviously been hiding something for some months. Not so long ago, she was discovered living in her car after exhibiting odd behaviour.

Additionally, she was upset with Mandy when she discovered an old picture of her and refused to have her picture made for the local newspaper. Leyla has been investigating her to try to convince her former partner Liam that Ella is untrustworthy.

Ella vanished tonight, Thursday, May 30, and Liam told her she didn’t have to tell him where she was going. However, Manpreet was aware of the reality—that Ella was present at June’s burial.

Manpreet eventually informed Liam that Ella was attending the burial for her mother, who had passed away. Liam was upset and wanted to help her, so he dressed and attended the service.

Liam was shocked at what unfolded (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ella exposed

Ella was nowhere to be seen when he arrived. Although June’s nephew suspected Liam was pressuring her, viewers could see that she was hiding in the shadows.

Perplexed, Liam clarified that he had to be attending the incorrect church. He went on to say he was the boyfriend of June’s daughter. The guy called Liam ill before flipping and grabbing him.

June has lost her daughter. There she lies, just there,” Gary said.

Then Ella ran around the corner and ordered him to stop bothering Liam.

Do you know her? Are you with her? Gary inquired. Liam confessed to being his girlfriend, and Gary spit out, “You’re worse than I thought.” You ought to be the one in that hole, not her.

Ella sobbed, “I’m sorry.”

He shot back, saying, “You never should have come here.” “You are filthy. You commit murder. Child murderer

The camera then moved in on a gravestone with the words “Joanne Phillips 1994-2005” as Ella fled.

Ella had been acting suspiciously for weeks (Credit: ITV)

Fans react

Fans had a lot to say about the plot, despite the fact that we won’t know who Ella killed and why until tomorrow. primarily how taken aback they were at the turn.

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