Emmerdale fans hit out at ‘psychopath’ Tom as he manipulates Belle

Fans of the show have been left furious at the way Tom is manipulating people around the village

Tom and Belle (Image: ITV/Emmerdale)

After Tom took his bullying to a new level in the most recent episode of Emmerdale, viewers labelled him a “psychopath.”

On the sixth anniversary of her mother’s passing, Belle was listening to one of her favourite songs when the episode began, focusing on the pair. Nevertheless, Tom was combative and insisted Belle remain at home so he could pick up a parcel he had ordered, not realising the importance of the day.

Tom continued to his performance evaluation with Rhona and Vanessa at work, where he was chastised for misunderstanding a cancer-stricken puppy. But before leaving, he started to disparage his interviewers by bringing up Rhona’s tumultuous marriage to Marlon.

After that, he met Belle in a café and bemoaned her tardiness, even though he hadn’t planned the meeting in advance. Belle was about to say something about her mother when he stopped her and started talking about how much everyone adored him at work. After he started berating her for the previous shipment not arriving as intended, Belle stormed off.

After taking their disagreement outside, Tom started insulting Belle and said that he had known about her mother all day. After Belle shoved him while sobbing uncontrollably, Rhona, Marlon, and Vanessa hurried to assist Lydia in soothing Belle.

Fans of the programme were incensed as Tom used the incidents to explain how he had been left afraid that he could not assist Belle and that Belle had been becoming more hostile.

@BrightonTina7 stated: “I’m becoming pretty upset over this right now.Tom is a derangement! Belle is a smart girl who ought to see through his actions, and Marlon and Rhona need to be reminded of this.”

Another admirer, @MaryLuvsLaughin, said, “Some people might think Belle’s storyline about domestic abuse is overdone or unrealistic, but those people won’t know what it’s like to be afraid, doubt oneself, be gaslighted, or have to “walk on eggshells.” #Emmerdale is portraying this abuse storyline so realistically.”

@Janeymode said: “I thought My husband was engrossed in the darts on his phone when he said “I can’t bear him he’s filthy” turns out it wasn’t Luke Littler he was talking about and he was actually watching Emmerdale and talking about Tom”. @ShakyWoon posted: “Tom is doing to Belle what Kirsty did to Tyrone in #Corrie back in the day – the perpetrators making out their victims are the abusers.”

“Lydia annoyed me when she asked Belle if she assaulted Tom,” @cassam101 said. He fell to the ground as she shoved him away. Belle is really thin and little. Tom is a large guy.

“This was the perfect example of the narcissist ‘baiting’ their victim, painting themselves as the victim and then portraying the real victim as being ‘crazy,'” @Lioness_xx said. Even though it’s disgusting, Emmerdale is handling this so well.”

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