Emmerdale spoilers: Cain announces exit for a new start – and it’s for a sad reason

Cain looks upset in the kitchen at Butlers Farm in Emmerdale
Surely not?! (Picture: ITV)

The most unexpected plot surprise of all was Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) decision to leave the village and start a new life. Emmerdale has featured some surprising events lately.

How huge might anything be on Earth that would force him to resign from his role as the hardman of the Dales?

He is not involved in Ethan’s hit-and-run as payback for Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) wounds. It has nothing to do with his rivalry with Ruby (Beth Cordingly) and Caleb (Will Ash). His involvement in rapist Craig’s death last year is also unrelated.

Cain would only leave his house in order to be with his sons.

Kyle’s life has not been easy from the beginning, and now, tragically, the events of the last several years are going to resurface.

Cain receives some depressing news from Kyle (Image: ITV)

Following his unintentional murder of Al Chapman, Kyle was forced to witness his dear father’s fall from grace and subsequent imprisonment.

When the inquiry progressed, the little boy’s heart broke when Cain lost custody of Kyle to Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

After all was said and done, the two were eventually reunited, but not before bullies tormented Kyle because of what had happened to his family.

Since then, it seems that everything has totally moved on, and the family has triumphed over several additional difficulties. Most recently, Minty, Isaac’s cherished lamb, was lost, necessitating the town to launch a rescue operation.

However, the Dingles have persevered and are resilient—or are they?

When Cain finds out that his weak kid is once again being mistreated by bullies, he is devastated. Cain, filled with rage, decides that enough is enough.

Moving his family out of the community in search of a brighter future, he chooses not to employ physical force to solve the issue—partially because even Cain wouldn’t take on a group of youngsters.

Are Moira Dingle and Cain going to make an appearance soon?

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