Emmerdale spoilers: Devastating outcome as Ethan is found dead following killer attack?

Charles tends to Ethan, who has collapsed on the floor in Emmerdale
Ethan collapses (Picture: ITV)

While Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly), Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), and Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) have been fervently seeking revenge for Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) car accident that left him in a coma in Emmerdale, Ruby didn’t really mean for her wish that Ethan Anderson (Emile John) “rots in hell” to come true.

Teaching Ethan a lesson is one thing, but murdering him is quite another. It seems that the village’s most beloved attorney is about to pass away.

Ethan admitted to being the driver of Nicky’s accident and was granted bail. He was mercilessly mowed down and left for dead shortly after that.

He managed to get himself up and hobble back into town, where he seemed to make a full recovery. But before his inevitable spell in jail, things are going to take a fatal turn.

Ethan decides to make the most of his last days of freedom since they are limited.

Ruby has been seeking retribution. (Image: ITV)

He witnesses a shocking exchange between Ruby and Rose and recognises a chance to make a positive impact.

When he discovers Rose’s actual goals for Dawn (Olivia Bromley), he decides to spend the last few hours he has left before being imprisoned to settle part of his Karmic debt. He shares his concerns for Dawn, whose infant boy is suffering from leukaemia, and what he heard with Kevin Mathurin’s character, Charles.

Ever the truth-seeker, Charles pushes his son to take action, so Ethan gives Dawn a call. When she doesn’t answer, he leaves her a voicemail with the information he knows.

It starts a discussion between father and son regarding Ethan’s future as they get him ready for court. They are talking about the uncertain future at a vulnerable time.

Charles goes into the kitchen, and when he comes back, everything is upside down because Ethan has passed out.

As Rebecca Sarker’s character Manpreet works valiantly to resuscitate Ethan, fears grow that her efforts may not be successful.

Charles is left with no choice but to watch as his only son’s life evaporates on the carpet. Is it a crash-related delayed injury? Has someone killed Ethan?

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