ITV Emmerdale Ruby’s dark plan for Caleb revealed as fans ‘rumble’ harrowing murder twist

Emmerdale fans witnessed eerie scenes between Caleb Miligan and his wife Ruby on the ITV soap (Image: ITV)

In the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Ruby Fox-Miligan used her husband Caleb Miligan as leverage to take action against the Dingles, which led to some unpleasant moments on the ITV soap opera.

On Thursday, viewers of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale watched unsettling moments involving Caleb Miligan and his spouse Ruby.

The couple engaged in a heated confrontation during the show’s hour-long episode after Ruby tricked Caleb into assisting her in her attack on his own family. After Ruby revealed Caleb’s affair with Nate Robinson’s wife Tracy, brother Cain Dingle, nephew Nate Robinson, and the rest of the family recently disowned him.

Ruby was concerned that there might be affections involved after witnessing Caleb and Tracy conversing in the village, but she still felt threatened. Ruby was eager to ruin Tracy’s major nursery venture presentation, and she was able to get Caleb to assist her.

Furthermore, after Nate, Cain, and Aaron Dingle stole the automobiles from Caleb’s company and crushed his own car, she had him jailed. Telling Caleb that no one in his family was interested in him and that they were all making fun of him, Ruby felt proud of herself.

Emmerdale’s latest episode saw Ruby Fox-Miligan take action against the Dingles ( Image: ITV)

She advised him it was time to exact revenge and that acting would be the only way to let them know he wasn’t to be trifled with. Despite his initial reluctance, Caleb ultimately made the decision to ruin Tracy’s presentation and her ideal business.

Caleb became quite critical of Tracy and her previous sex work, saying nasty things about her and their affair in front of a gathering of parents who were seeking to get their kids put in the nursery. Tracy took responsibility for her past and refused to let it destroy her future. However, Nate, who was present, attacked his uncle as a result of Caleb’s constant taunting and mocking of Tracy.

Caleb felt he had gone too far, and Ruby laughed as she saw the disaster she had planned come to pass. There was no turning back for him or the Dingles once he realised Ruby had also contacted the police on Nate. This was especially true after sister Chas Dingle informed him she was horrified by him and was relieved that their mother Faith Dingle had passed away before he had discovered them.

The embarrassment he had caused his family and the bonds that had been severed as a result of his and Ruby’s acts left Caleb inconsolable. It was then implied that they had had numerous arguments previously when he turned on his wife, understanding she was enjoying every minute of it.

Ruby manipulated Caleb into helping her target his own family ( Image: ITV)

When it became clear that Ruby was plotting against the Dingles and separating Caleb from his family, things took a terrible turn. Reiterating that she was the only family he needed, she tried to make Caleb feel the same way she felt about the Dingles—even to the point of turning on Chas.

She started yelling about Caleb’s history, how unloved he was, and how the Dingles didn’t need him. Her response to Caleb’s call that she was in trouble and needed assistance was, “Why do you always do this to me, get me like this, what is wrong with you?”

She blew up when she realised Caleb would rather go with the Dingles, and he called her a “poisonous snake”. Ruby started to cry as he rushed out as she made horrible remarks about his background. Then, as she screamed, she smashed a glass against a wall and peered into the now-distorted broken mirror.

Some followers are now afraid of what could happen, as seen by the tweet “Ruthless Ruby giving Mad Meena Vibes #emmerdale.” “Is Caleb or Ruby gonna get killed?” asked a second. Another wrote: “What a nasty piece of work Ruby is #emmerdale @emmerdale.”

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