Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle is horrified by another unsavoury turn of events amid abuse ordeal

Belle looking upset in Emmerdale
Belle faces another unsavoury turn of events (Picture: ITV)

Because of Tom King’s vicious and abusive behavior, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has not yet had the happily ever after that she had anticipated after marrying him in Emmerdale.

Tom has shown concerning behavior ever since they started dating, and this behavior has only gotten worse after they were married.

In the brief period following their vows, Tom has persisted in dehumanizing, undermining, and gaslighting Belle in distressing situations.

Unfortunately, she will be frightened by yet another egregious turn of events in future episodes, so things will only grow worse for her.

Tom and Belle offer to watch Carl and Elliot as Jimmy and Nicola King (Nick Miles and Nicola Wheeler) prepare to visit their daughter Angel (Rebecca Bakes).

But things don’t exactly go as planned, and Belle soon discovers that a spilled milkshake has entirely wrecked her laptop.

Even worse, she needs to finalize a proposal, and with her laptop broken, it seems unlikely that she will be able to do it.

Emmerdale is tackling a storyline depicting Belle and Tom’s controlling and abusive marriage (Picture: ITV)

This disturbing development occurs in the midst of a new Emmerdale plot that portrays Belle and Tom’s abusive and domineering marriage.

Emma Pickering, Head of Refuge’s Economic Empowerment and Technology-Facilitated Abuse Department, stated:

Refuge is happy to have had the chance to collaborate with the Emmerdale authors and producers in order to further the plot between Tom and Belle and expose viewers to the heartbreaking realities of domestic abuse.

Over the next few weeks, Tom will showcase a variety of abusive behaviors, such as coercive control, emotional abuse, physical violence, and abuse enabled by technology, as the show delves into the intricate and multifaceted realm of domestic abuse.

The program will also emphasize how abuse worsens over time and some of the typical strategies abusers employ, like manipulation, love bombing, and estrangement from friends and family.

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