Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who will expose Ruby Miligan after death twist

Emmerdale fans think someone is secretly onto Ruby Miligan
Emmerdale fans think someone is secretly onto Ruby Miligan (Image: ITV)

Viewers of Emmerdale believe Ruby Miligan’s demise is imminent since she correctly predicted which character would reveal her previous behaviour, which included a connection to Ethan Anderson’s death.

Fans of Emmerdale believe that Ruby Miligan is doomed and that someone is surreptitiously watching her.

After getting into a lot of trouble lately, the character has teamed up with Rose Jackson to hatch a cunning scheme to attack Kim Tate. But that’s not all—after Ethan Anderson’s death, she is keeping a deadly secret.

An erroneous Ruby is worried about Ethan’s shocking death that occurred a few days after a hit-and-run. In retaliation for Ethan abandoning her son Nicky Miligan to die weeks previously, Ruby drove over him on purpose.

However, Ruby is having second thoughts about what she did since it’s been suggested that Ethan’s death was caused by a recent hit-and-run. Fans are saying that although she keeps hiding her crime, she’s making a lot of blunders that might lead to a slip-up.

She might be discovered since, at this point, she is essentially bothering Ethan’s family and has admitted to her son Nicky. However, other fans believe she’s already been duped by someone connected to Ethan, and that her demise is almost certain.

Fans of Emmerdale believe that Charles, Ethan’s father, is seeing Ruby Miligan. (Photo: ITV)

Viewers questioned if her suspicious attitude on X was sufficient to convince Charles that Nicky’s mother was responsible for Ethan’s tragedy. Fans believe Charles will discover the truth and bring her down, if not exact his own retribution, if this is the reason of his death.

Another notion was that Kim would be the one to act when she discovers Ruby is trying to harm her with Rose. Following the most recent scenes, a fan wrote: “Charles could kill Ruby if he knew the truth.”

A another user wrote: “I wouldn’t want to be in Ruby’s shoes if Charles finds out that she’s responsible for Ethan’s death.” “Charles HAS to be onto Ruby, surely?” said a third spectator, who was confirmed by another: “Charles is onto you, Ruby.”

In the meanwhile, one hypothesis stated: “At this moment, I wouldn’t want to be Ruby. I can already feel Rose breathing down my neck, a murder charge approaching, and Kim Tate’s inevitable retaliation.” Watchers will have to wait and see whether Ruby comes clean or gets discovered.

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