Emmerdale icons Michelle Hardwick and Laura Norton returning as cast exits and offset

Hi there again! (Image: ITV)

It’s difficult to ignore the fact that Emmerdale has had a number of recent cast member departures, including the unexpected deaths of two characters, Victor Anderson and Rishi Sharma.

While cast changes are common in soap operas, they are happening quickly in The Dales, to the point that producer Jane Hudson has given up on crafting compelling stories after five years of collecting awards.

Not to be overlooked, however, are several well-known characters returning to the hamlet; both are sure to be involved in a major plot that will reach a climax during the next “ITV Super Soap Week.”

Charity Dingle, whose romance rival Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is intensifying, will surely be included in the outstanding episodes, as actress Emma Atkins just indicated.

Basically, the main takeaway was to not mess with Charity—as if we were unaware!

It goes without saying that Chloe has her own grievances. Alongside Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb), the father of baby Reuben, she is creating a life.

But even though he had cheated on her recently, Mr. Toxic had already cheated on the other cheater with his former partner.

Keeping pace?

This foursome still has a long way to go. (Image: ITV)
Emmerdale still needs to thoroughly investigate the shocking revelation that Kerry is Chloe’s mother. (Image: ITV)

Yes, Mack and Charity had slept together; however, Chloe was not informed of this at the time, which would ruin her dream of having a family.

Filming has recently taken place in a potentially lethal quarry, where Chloe was inside a vehicle that flew over the edge.

It seems like there will be a terrible scenario for yet another exodus.

And now for the returnees.

Although they have both been on maternity leave, Laura Norton and Michelle Hardwick—better known as Kerry Wyatt and Vanessa Woodfield—are officially returning to their respective roles.

Both have a strong connection to this Mack/Chloe/Charity palaver. Kerry made the shocking revelation that she is Chloe’s mother just before leaving.

It seems like a weird choice considering the way the tale has developed subsequently, since it hasn’t been brought up again.

We shouldn’t rule out a reunion with Vanity! (Image: ITV)

However, Kerry would have some juicy drama to sink her teeth into if Chloe passed away. If she makes it through, they will have a relationship to work through, and Kerry may need to pick up the pieces and hold Mack and/or Charity accountable in a very Kerry manner.

And despite Emmerdale’s best efforts to erase the memory of it, Vanessa and Charity will always remain connected.

Mack and Charity will both be in awe and feel a little taken advantage of if they can make it through this and emerge as love’s fantasy.

Vanessa’s return to the community will, in any case, elicit certain emotions and provide some difficulty.

All this has been going on while she has been away; what will she think of it all? Enough to process, anyway.

In any case, Emmerdale should be happy to see returning faces from the past, particularly because there are still important people to lose in addition to Dan, Marshall, and Naomi.

After almost two decades in the role of David Metcalfe, Matthew Wolfenden is also set to leave the show, and the legendary Bernice Blackstock will also be leaving as Bernice Blackstock.

The changes are ongoing, and as we wait for confirmation of the new show boss, there’s a good probability that more will follow as they leave their imprint.

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