Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet crippled by guilt over shock death

Manpreet’s challenges (Image: ITV)

When he set up dad Victor (Eddie Osei) for the theft of Manpreet’s (Rebecca Sarker) jewellery, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) committed the unimaginable. Victor’s aneurism broke due to extreme stress, which ultimately resulted in his death. Charles then took it a step further by telling Manpreet the awful truth about what he had done.

Charles had planned to hide Jai’s family heirloom necklace in his father’s pocket in the hopes that Manpreet would discover it and give Victor the order to march on. Charles had quietly decided he needed to get rid of his dad.

Rather, she discovered it and alerted the authorities right away, endangering Victor’s freedom since he was on probation.

With PC Swirling on the way, Victor did a bunk when Claudette (Flo Wilson) refused to listen to his pleas of innocence. Charles discovered him dead in the church later on; the stress of being falsely accused had killed him.

Charles felt ashamed of what he had done and knew that, should word get out, he would lose his job and his whole family. Nevertheless, he revealed the truth to Manpreet once the weight of it all got to be too much.

His partner was horrified by his admission and begged him to tell the truth, but he refused, saying that if he did, he would lose his mother and kids. As a result, Manpreet has had to bear the reality alone, and it is quickly becoming to be too much for her.

Victor died unexpectedly. (Image: ITV)

Suffering Claudette has a confession to make to the general practitioner: she misled Charles about the extent of her actual need for his help. When it came to her attempt to suppress her sadness at Victor’s seeming betrayal, she was being dishonest. Charles has likewise refrained from offering assistance, believing that he killed his father in one way or another.

Another burden on Manpreet’s shoulders is seeing that Claudette is having difficulties due to Charles, and she battles to conceal his secret.

She understands that Claudette is entitled to the truth in order to release the resentment she harbours against her late husband. Is Manpreet going to give in and tell the truth?

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