Emmerdale legend reveals Nicola and Jimmy King’s lives change forever with big twists ahead

Nicola and Jimmy’s lives will never be the same (Picture: ITV)

The life of Nicola Wheeler, the Emmerdale icon, and Jimmy King, played by Nick Miles, is about to undergo a permanent transformation as a result of the imprisonment of their daughter, Angelica, played by Rebecca Bakes.

To the dismay of her parents, Angel is scheduled to spend eight months in a safe children’s home after admitting to being the driver of the vehicle that killed Heath Hope.

Initially, Nicola and Jimmy pushed Angel to conceal the reality of her deeds so that Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) could be held accountable.

But when Angel did come clean, she was shocked to hear that she would be serving time in a prison cell.

Actress Nicola clarified, “I believe that Nicola and Jimmy have been attempting to shield Angel from the reality, which is the fact that she is probably going to have a custodial sentence, which they discovered over time.”

Despite the fact that the death of the kid was an accident, a jail term seems imminent. They therefore make an effort to shield Angel from it and provide her with positive family memories. They downplay how long a sentence she could receive. Sincerely, I believe that’s wishful thinking on their part as well.

Nicola disclosed that the family is not prepared to handle Angel’s departure properly.

Eight months will be spent in custody for Angelica. (Image: ITV)

Nicola lashes out at first because she finds it difficult to handle and doesn’t know how. Jimmy chastises her severely and tells her, “Look, this is how things are; we have to deal with it.”

Nicola claims that after Angel’s sentencing, her life and Jimmy’s will never be the same.

They can’t possible be, in my opinion, can they? That’s not to suggest they will always be unhappy, but I believe that kind of thing tarnishes or stains you in some way.

And speculating about the future, I would merely ask, “What lies ahead?” When Angel leaves this place, who will she become? Isn’t it the key question?

“Nicola and Jimmy don’t really have any control or influence over her at all for eight months of her life.” I believe that would be quite upsetting for a parent. The idea that they are essentially giving their child away is heartbreaking for every parent who has experienced this. And they are acting in that manner.

Will Angel leave the safe haven for kids the same person she entered?

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