Emmerdale spoiler video: Charity Dingle’s life to change forever in ‘amazing’ therapy session that explores her traumas

A new spoiler video reveals that Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has had a difficult upbringing and that an upcoming Emmerdale episode will examine some of her past traumas as she goes through therapy.

Charity has been having trouble adjusting ever since she shot Damon “Harry” Harris (Robert Beck) to death on Christmas Day.

Charity shot Damon while grappling for his rifle in an attempt to save Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb).

Ever since, Charity has been extremely disturbed and exhibiting signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), such as anxiety attacks and flashbacks.

PTSD has been plaguing Charity. (Image: ITV)

As a result, she stabbed Mack more recently while having hallucinations, thinking that she was protecting herself from Damon.

Charity will see a psychologist in future scenes for a treatment session in the hopes of receiving guidance on how to manage her PTSD.

Actress Emma Atkins disclosed, “Dr. Cavanagh refers her to a psychologist and they have this amazing therapy session which starts off where Charity is in complete denial.”

“And she’s acting really rude and sarcastic toward this lovely woman who is trying to help her find a way in and open these doors to healing, but every time she tries, she gets in the way.”

Charity filmed poignant scenes with Damon during Christmas. (Picture: ITV)

In a brand-new spoiler video, Charity is obviously unhappy with the course the therapy session is taking. However, psychologist Una perseveres in spite of Charity’s suggestions that she isn’t very skilled at her work.

As Emma describes, the therapist eventually has a breakthrough.

“So it begins with a few scenes where Charity is just blocking, and then it’s kind of lovely because the therapist says, “Look why not talk about a lovely childhood memory, a pet that you might have had,” without Charity realizing it.” “Oh, I had a dog when I was a kid,” she replies.

Mack and Charity have a lot of issues to resolve (Image: ITV).

And that’s when the adventure begins, as she immediately returns to the dog and notices how it vanishes out of nowhere. Furthermore, why does the dog vanish? Yes, due to the father. Why is the dog being taken away by the father? Things began to fall apart since she had problems with her father.

Because, despite everything she’s going through right now, I believe her background has a great deal of PTSD tied to it as well. So I think it’s all relevant.

And she feels that she has started to fully let go, love, and let her guard down for Mack, and it’s a great episode to talk about how much she truly loves him. And although she believes she has damaged everything and betrayed his trust, this person is ideal for her.

After her therapy session, Charity, who is obviously distressed, walks out of the house, ignoring Mack’s ranting.

When Mack returns downstairs and discovers she’s gone, he’s taken aback, but he quickly realizes he’s made a grave error in granting her the space she requested.

Mack eventually discovers her car broken down by the side of the road after a lengthy search, and they are forced to confront the status of their relationship.

Will they overcome this obstacle or will everything come to a head at some point?

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