ITV Emmerdale fans left in shock after noticing Coronation Street crossover reference

Fans saw a magazine in Emmerdale that is usually seen in Coronation Street

When viewers of a recent episode of Emmerdale saw a reference to Coronation Street during a scene featuring Rhona and Vanessa, the ITV soap opera left fans perplexed.

piercing eyes Fans of Emmerdale were left fiddling with their TVs when they noticed a passing allusion to Coronation Street.

The unexpected backdrop image appeared during the ITV show’s March 5 episode, when Rhona was talking to Vanessa about her concerns of going to prison. Fans were more distracted by the backdrop image of Chit Chat magazine—a publication that is frequently mentioned in Coronation Street—than by their in-depth talk. An extra on the show was seen reading a copy of the made-up magazine, which has been a feature of Corrie scenes for years, as the two were having a conversation in the village café.

Supporters saw a magazine that they typically see on Coronation Street in Emmerdale.

Fans of Coronation Street recently witnessed Bethany Platt pitching a story about Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor’s affair and acid attack to a magazine editor. However, there has been a previous instance of soap opera crossover, like in 2021, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Holby City, Casualty, and Doctors united to promote climate change awareness.

Every one of the seven soap operas had a plot pertaining to the current worldwide situation, and five of them connected each other through mentioning other shows in their special episodes. Rival soap operas Coronation Street and EastEnders collaborated on a special Children in Need episode back in 2010.

Additionally, viewers were happy to see some of their favourite soap opera characters at Albert Square and Weatherfield. While Kat Slater and Liz McDonald took a one-night turn behind the bar at the Rovers, Jason Grimshaw went to the Queen Vic pub.

Bethany Platt was seen speaking to the editor of Chit Chat magazine in Coronation Street

However, in typical Kat Slater fashion, she got into a fight with Kym Marsh’s Michelle Connor, while Dev Alahan got into a fight with Masood Ahmed, the postman on EastEnders.

In the meantime, Kerry Wyatt, portrayed by Laura Norton in Emmerdale, returned to the ITV soap opera following a 16-month hiatus. “She’s [Kerry] been on a cruise ship as a Cher impersonator and she has been a naughty girl,” said Laura, who had been on maternity leave, upon her return. She had such a horrible experience, or so I’ve convinced myself, according to the story that has developed.”

“She met this guy who she never in a million years thought would want to be with her,” she continued, adding that she became friends with Chas. He died, and they had an affair. And I believe she was just depressed. I believe that throughout those periods of your life, you simply cut yourself off from everyone you know.”

Laura went on, “I believe that she has just moved to a place where she can start over as Kerry and become the finest version of herself—a place free of baggage and history. People know her as this incredibly fun person, and she’s not being called out for being a bad friend or bad mother; I believe she’s simply been given a fresh start, but it’s almost like they’ve reset her too far. Just for fun, she’s up to her old tricks, making a few poor choices and acting a little wicked.”

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