Emmerdale spoilers next week – surprise kiss, emotional goodbye and sparks fly

Next week, hatchets will be buried in the Dales.

Jimmy and Nicola King in Emmerdale (Image: ITV)

Next week, Chas Dingle will have surgery for cancer before getting a surprise kiss on Emmerdale. Aaron, her son, is concerned that his mother, who chose to have a double mastectomy after learning she had cancer, is not accepting the fact that she will only have two weeks off from the Woolpack roster.

After a protracted conversation, Chas at last confides in a comforting Paddy about her worries regarding the procedure. Chas is sorely consoled by her ex-husband Paddy Kirk as she prepares for the worst. The two get carried away by their familiarity and start kissing before Paddy realizes he’s made a grave error.

Chas is taken aback by his insensitive response, and later on, Mandy is taken aback when Paddy confesses that he kissed Chas. Mandy’s strangely silent response unnerves Paddy, and at the hospital, Chas puts on a strong front for Aaron as she is wheeled into surgery.

Her nerves take over and her bravado fades when she’s alone. Though they are unable to express it, Aaron and Cain are appreciative of each other’s company despite their uncomfortable waiting for word regarding Chas. Later, she fully realizes the scope of Chas’ operation. It breaks Paddy’s heart to see Chas so vulnerable and sad.

Jimmy King, meantime, finds it difficult to cheer himself up as he muses over his daughter Angel’s almost definite departure. As Angel bids her family farewell with emotion, her parents contain their tears. Later that morning, Angel is moved when Bob Hope is able to comfort her.

Paddy and Chas kiss (Image: ITV)

Later, when the judge condemns Angelica to eight months in a safe children’s home, Angel, Nicola, and Jimmy are horrified. Nicola sobs, finding it difficult to understand her daughter’s suffering. Bob is emotional when he reads Angel’s letter in the meanwhile.

Later that night, when Angel phones in distressed, Nicola tries to gather herself. Nicola struggles with her own helplessness and breaks down when she is unable to assist her daughter. Sensational After Nicola apologizes to Bob in the B&B, there’s a brief thawing of tension as they both lend support to one another during their mutual loss.

Angel is delivered her sentence (Image: ITV)

Charity Dingle confronts her abandonment concerns following her therapy session, having previously opened up. Later that evening, a visibly tormented Charity leaves the house, ignoring Mackenzie Boyd’s ranting. When Mack downstairs and discovers Charity gone, he’s taken aback and realizes that his refusal to grant his wife the space she requested was a mistake.

Mack searches for a while before discovering Charity’s broken-down automobile at the side of a rural road. Is Charity planning something different for their relationship, or can they overcome this enormous obstacle?

Kerry Wyatt consents to treat Chas civilly in another place. When she hears Mom talking to the hospital on the phone, she can’t help but listen in. Kerry follows her into the bar and gives Chas a hesitant shoulder to cry on. She talks to Kerry about her operation and they decide to move on from the past, even though Chas is taken aback by the abrupt change in their relationship. Later, after Gail calls in ill, Amy gets Kerry a job at the Woolpack, and Charity and Kerry quickly become an odd pair.

Mack finds Charity broken down (Image: ITV)

Mary Goskirk also shows Rhona pictures of baby Ivy that she discovered on Gus’ social media accounts. Rhona is still staring at pictures of Ivy with tears in her eyes. Rhona is forced to accept a Dingle birthday celebration for Marlon’s 50th birthday by Lydia Dingle.

In the surgery, sparks start flying as Liam and Ella become close over houseplants. Manpreet is apprehensive because the two of them appear so cozy. When Jimmy and Nicola visit Angel, Belle and Tom King take care of Elliot and Carl. The likelihood of Belle finishing her proposal is rapidly dwindling, so she is shocked to see her laptop cracked by a spilled milkshake.

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