Emmerdale spoilers: Shock Bob left bloodied as Cathy attacks him

Bob has trouble communicating with Cathy (Images: ITV).

In Emmerdale, Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) was struck speechless when she learned that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, which might have a long-term negative impact on her, was the cause of her severe mood swings and painful and heavy periods.

In future episodes, she continues to struggle as a result of this information and resorts to extreme methods in an effort to self-medicate her troubles.

When Cathy’s headteacher Miss Cathcart advises her to postpone a year of school because she won’t be granted an access arrangement until she has received a formal diagnosis, which means that she won’t receive special support from the school to help her continue her education while managing her condition, Cathy and her dad Bob (Tony Audenshaw) are disheartened.

Cathy is determined not to have the year postponed, so she convinces Miss Cathcart to let her sit the tests.

since Bob, Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), and Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) go looking for her, she turns to drinking extensively to attempt to dull her emotions since the stress of it all is hitting her horribly. She drinks vodka till she throws up.

The next day, she feels humiliated, but Bob realises that he can’t make things right in his daughter’s eyes once again. Cathy, angered by Bob’s efforts to reach her, strikes out at him, cutting him with her keys and leaving him with a bloodied cheek.

When this tale originally began, Tony Audenshaw told us, “He doesn’t know where he is with her, that’s the thing.” Her demeanour is so irregular, I tell you. She is up one minute and down the next. She is acting in a way that she has never done before. It’s incredibly challenging to deal with.

While giving his daughter a hug, a surprised Bob had to remind himself that none of this is Cathy’s fault. Will he be able to communicate with her?

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