Emmerdale spoilers: Marshall dies as he chokes on vomit in drink binge?

Laurel, can you help? (Image from ITV)

Of all, misery loves company, but when two sad teenagers act like teenagers, Emmerdale seemed destined for catastrophe.

When the chance to get blackout drunk and shut out the world arises, Marshall (Max Fletcher) seizes it since he has recently gone through enough with learning to accept himself and growing apart from his family over his sexuality.

He sees Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) stealing several vodka bottles from the B&B and demands entrance. They both want to use alcohol to dull their misery, but since neither is used to consuming the risky and depressing beverage, they are hardly aware of its effects as they chug away while talking about their individual problems.

Soon after feeling a little peaky, Cathy understands that drinking vodka straight was a mistake. She cuts down on the alcohol, but Marshall is determined to press on.

Concerned about what the children are up to, Bob (Tony Audenshaw), Laurel (Charlotte Belamy), and Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) look for the children. They had good reason to be concerned because when they eventually find the inebriated youngsters, Cathy instantly pukes all over the store. Has their arrival been timely?

Laurel sternly reprimands Marshall when he unwillingly turns up the alcohol. After a long day and feeling a little unsteady, Marshall dashes off to bed, unintentionally making Arthur feel rejected.

However, Marshall is getting a hidden bottle of vodka out and getting ready to continue drinking on his own while Arthur is worried about his injured ego.

The calamity happens the next morning. When Laurel visits Marshall’s room to wake him up for the day, she finds him unconscious with vomit all over his lips and lets out a banshee-level scream. Has he perished while sleeping after aspirating his own illness?

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