Emmerdale stars reveal Charity and Mack’s dramatic ending in new video

The wedding of Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd (Emma Atkins and Lawrence Robb) is taking place tonight, and it’s the moment that every Emmerdale fan has been waiting for.

Although the buildup to it has undoubtedly been dramatic, this fervour is expected to carry over into the actual episode as the couple struggles to get at the chapel in time.

Actor Lawrence Robb assures that Charity and Mack’s wedding episode will be “something to remember” in this brand-new clip.

As their wedding day approached, the couple faced several obstacles, including a perm catastrophe and a hidden pregnancy.

But tonight, while the rest of the villagers prepare for a wedding that could never happen, they face their hardest challenge.

Will they arrive in time at the church? (Image from ITV)

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), who became pregnant with Mack’s child during a one-night encounter last year, is already in labour.

After Mack and Charity are eventually freed, they must hurry to go back to the church where Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is trying to delay Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

As they make their way to the church, Mack learns with great amazement that he is expecting a kid. He is then faced with a difficult choice: marry Charity or be there for the birth of his child.

Despite not knowing how much longer she will work with Lawrence and Jessie, Emma Atkins said she has enjoyed working with them despite the crazy nature of the wedding episodes.

In a soap opera, a secret can only be kept a secret for so long until it must be revealed, and when it does, it will almost likely be explosive.

According to Jessie Elland, the sequences will undoubtedly be “explosive” and “dramatic,” and they will be a pleasure for her to perform as an actress.

Will Charity and Mack be able to be married in the face of all the odds stacked against them, or is Mack and Chloe’s great secret about to become public sooner than we anticipated?

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