Emmerdale set to revisit dark Chas storyline as ‘stalkery’ Tom King returns

The adult Thomas King, now known just as Tom, is portrayed by James Chase (Image: ITV).

Ten years earlier, after the death of his murderous father Carl, young Thomas King stalked Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and sent her threats.

After spending ten years in Saudi Arabia, the not-so-youngster (now known as Tom) is returning to Emmerdale in scenes that will run starting on April 27. Chas will undoubtedly be in shock when he sees him for the first time.

James Chase, a newbie, will replace Mark Flanagan in the role of Tom this time.

And James has revealed that the terrifying plot will be resurrected as Tom works to atone for his actions.

Despite the ‘darkness’ in Tom’s life at the time, James claims in a recent discussion that Tom’s deeds ‘certainly touched Chas’.

He was quite terrible to her, James continues. Without a doubt, we’ll discuss it again. He has changed for the better.

When he was dealing with all of these situations [around his father], he was clearly very young and full of emotion, and I don’t believe he really understood how to handle them.

He’s obviously on the path of attempting to mend the relationships that he’s damaged, and I believe that with Chas, he will make an effort to make amends and rekindle their friendship.

But when Tom returns after getting a new job as a vet in Leeds, he won’t only be wanting to catch up with Chas.

Additionally, he’ll be trying to get in touch with his ex-girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), but will he be hoping for a reconciliation?

Will Tom be able to win Belle back and repair his relationship with Chas and his family? (Image from ITV)
After a decade apart, Belle and Tom will reconcile in future episodes of Emmerdale (Image: ITV).

James continues, “They adored each other and had been childhood sweethearts.

She was a true blazing light for him, the one positive thing he could recall that gave him hope and love, despite all the turmoil going on in his life at the time.

“That’s something I know he wants,” I said. The reunion of his family, Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), was all that was needed.

The chance that he may finally get justice and be free to live in the village once again without the gloom around him since he is a new man.

Time will tell how things turn out.

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