Emmerdale spoilers: Major character return confirmed and fans will be ‘delighted’

For a significant event, a familiar figure is returning home (Image: ITV/Getty).

This summer, Emmerdale will welcome a familiar figure back, and showrunner Jane Hudson has vowed that fans will be ‘delighted’.

A face from the past will return home, in a full-time role, while weddings and significant confrontations set the scene for an exciting few months.

The figure will show up as a guest at one of two wedding narratives and get embroiled.

We are aware that Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), who is destined to lose her heart to cunning Nicky (Lewis Cope), is engaged to be married.

The visitor could be involved in this and be prepared to severely scuttle things.

Fans have long conjectured that characters must return at some time, such as Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln).

However, for the time being, the return is fully under wraps, and Jane has also disclosed that there will be a second wedding soon, this one more conventional than the A-Team wedding of Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

To be honest, however, it doesn’t really mean anything.

You all know how much we like weddings in the summer, Jane gushed to us. You’re going to see a fantastic wedding [with Charity and Mack], but I can assure you that there will be at least one more wedding before the end of the summer.

I’m not going to say who. And before the summer is out, we’ll be welcoming back a familiar face. When this recognisable face makes a comeback, I believe the audience will be overjoyed.

“They’ll hopefully continue to appear in the show for some time.”

Bring in your theories now! It’s not the only significant return though; in the next weeks, Tom King will make a comeback for a love triangle including his ex-girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

Although Jane has now divulged specifics, this has already been published.

Tom King, Jimmy’s nephew, “will be returning to the show,” she said. He had been living abroad for a while before returning to England.

Since he is a licenced veterinarian, I believe we all know where he will be employed.

Naturally, Tom and Belle have a past that they reignite when they cross paths, and as the tale unfolds, we will travel with Tom and Belle for a considerable amount of time.

To defeat Kim, Caleb and Nicky have paired together (ITV image).

There are other things than weddings and homecomings to look forward to.

Jane warned us that the two major mysteries of the programme would soon come to light.

She reassured us that it won’t be long before Charity finds out about Mack’s pregnancy and Kim (Claire King) finds out about Caleb Milligan’s (Will Ash) retaliatory scheme.

The answer to the issue of when Mack’s secret will surface was “very soon,” according to Jane.

The key decision for Mack will be whether he wants to be a father and a husband, and if he can be both or not. What will Charity do in response?

Charity’s life will be torn apart by Mack and Chloe’s secret (Image: ITV).

“We are aware of her fire!Can Chloe stay in the community when this truth is revealed? Because the Dingles’ anger won’t be pleasant when they see you.

We are aware that Nicky is Caleb’s child thanks to Caleb. Even if not all of the secrets have yet been divulged, there is still something left to learn that I won’t reveal to you.

Someone from Nicky’s past is also going to make an appearance, and we’ll be left wondering what this means for Gabby. We are aware that they are preparing to be married; will it happen? Does it not intend to ignite?

How will Cain respond when Caleb almost puts Moira in financial disaster, which is a whole other drama that is now being played out?

“How on earth is that going to play out when Cain discovers his brother is accountable when these brothers are working so hard to try and have some sort of relationship?” Cain wondered. Is everything going to be lost?

There is a lot to fit in, including Paddy’s (Dominic Brunt) continued trip that will culminate in a special episode, Mary Goskirk’s (Louise Jamieson) impending heartache, and Rhona Goskirk’s (Zoe Henry) upcoming shock.

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